Orphan Justic Center

Yesterday we attended the OJC (Orphan Justice Center) family meeting. It was a meeting for adoptive families (those in process or preparing to adopt), as well as others called “Family Support Staff” who have committed to getting along side these families to support them in the process. We are blessed to have Family Support Staff assisting us as a family. These are individuals who have a heart for the orphan and adoption, but are not yet able to adopt. Serving in this way is a practical expression of James 1:27 for them, and we are so blessed to have them supporting us!

The goal that OJC has for our family is to provide daily help for Emma and Aiden, especially with any therapy (OT, PT, ST, etc) that is given to them to help in their development, as well as help with other household needs, and provide John and I with a date night (mandatory for OJC families!!!).

Over the next month or so, I will be introducing you to these wonderful individuals who have stepped up to the plate to help our family love and care for our children.

We are so blessed to be part of a community of believers that truly desires to walk out James 1:27!


7 thoughts on “Orphan Justic Center

  1. I love our family support staff. They are the most amazing individuals! Their servant hearts and their love for our children just blows me away. Thank you Jesus for these precious ones who daily flood our home with love and support! We are so thrilled that you are blessed with the same blessings as we are John and Trac!

  2. WOW! How awesome is that?? We’ve had a lot of support here and there especially from family, but what a wonderful organized way to support God’s cause for the orphans! I’m so glad you have them! -Meredith

  3. These dear people were so amazing when we stayed with the kids. They truly have servants hearts. They did whatever was needed and did it with a glad heart. They were a real blessing to our hearts and to the kids. We feel so blessed to have spent some time with them. What a ministry. Thanks team for enriching our lives.
    Love you all, John and Mimi

  4. wow… that is truly an amazing ministry! I think of how reassuring it would be to know that you had a committed group to help you along the way!

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