A Little Easter Preview

I needed to get some photos to my sis-in-law for the OJC website, so I threw the kids in their Easter outfits and forced a photo shoot on them. It was wild and crazy, but I managed to get a few cute shots. I promise more later! Believe it or not, Renee and I are going to attempt an all cousin photo.







Wishing you all a very Happy Easter. May these precious little ones be a reminder to you of the Lord’s great love for you today. He gave the life of His very own Son so that you could be adopted, welcomed into His family,  and called His very own! He has restored us all through the power of the Resurrection!


12 thoughts on “A Little Easter Preview

  1. Well how do you measure that cuteness????? Aiden is quite the little man with that hat! Can’t wait for the rest of the photo shoot.

  2. OK, way too cute!! Aiden is so excited to get out of those pink tights from the orphange and seems to love hamming it up for the camera : )

  3. Seriously, I asked you for photos and in 10 minutes this is what you gave me. How did you do it Sis? You crack me up. These pics melted my heart and I can’t wait for the stories we’ll have on Saturday when we try to snap all 15 cousins in the same pic!

  4. Love these pics! Been reading along and keeping track, but don’t always have the time to post a comment. You’re on my mind and close to the heart, however.

    Happy and Blessed Easter to ya’ll, Loux family!!!!

    the Shays

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