Good Night Sleep Tight

This is what bedtime looks like at our house. Bedtime official begins at 6PM when dinner ends. That’s when bath time starts. Bathing these three beauties is a whole lot of fun and a whole lot of WET! Bed time is followed by story time. The picture of the three of them in my lap only lasted a few minutes. Usually Aiden is running around lugging books around while I read to the girls.

Bedtime goal is 7PM. We’ve had our good nights, our great nights, and our NOT SO GREAT nights. But we’re establishing a routine and it’s going pretty well. Last night was picture perfect. Tucked them all in, prayed over them, and their eyes were closed with no tears!






4 thoughts on “Good Night Sleep Tight

  1. I like the gargantuan book! Big enough for three! Had fun at the park with you all. I hope everything came together with the family room and you all rested well!

  2. Oh how fun to get this picture perfect moments! So I guess the kids are adapting to the time change pretty good? It is precious to see how well you are all doing! The park shots are adorable! Is Elia liking her new brother & sister?

  3. oh, Good Night, Moon was my FAVORITE book as a kid their age. I still have a copy of it on my shelf đŸ™‚

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