Snot, Snot and More Snot

That’s what we’ve got around here! Here’s the update on our kiddos:

1. Elia- slight fever, snot and lots of it, a bit of a cranky pants but improving daily.

2. Emma- snot and lots of it, much more comfortable with the family, battle of the wills in full force which means non-stop discipline.

3. Aiden- snot and lots of it, but getting back to his normal mischievous self which also means non-stop discipline as well

4. Isabelle- couch ridden, slight fever, snot and lots of it, a bit out of sorts.

5. Taylor- still healthy and a big help!

6. Nick- sitting up today, but pretty worn out still

Mom and Dad are holding up. I’m pretty much at the tail end of a bad cold. John has remained healthy. I think we’ll be glad for a day when everyone is healthy and for the weather to warm up so we can get outside and play!

I remember bringing Nick home from the hospital and wondering if I would be a good mom, feeling overwhelmed at the responsibility in front of me, feeling tired and emotional, and then looking  at his face one more time, feeling more love than I could have ever imagined, and knowing that everything would be ok.

With each new addition to our family there have been adjustments. Going from one to two was a MAJOR shift for me.  Bringing Isabelle home to 5 1/2 year old Nick and two year old Taylor was all sorts of fun! I still remember Taylor commanding me to “put her down” or telling me “she wants to go to bed.”

Bringing Elia home was mostly magical. Keep in mind the older kids were OLDER KIDS! They weren’t jealous, they were in love and they were helpful! The biggest challenges were being 38, having all my kids old enough to feed and change themselves, help around the house, and sleep through the night, and then KA BAM, up in the night, feeding, diapers, complete exhaustion. I wondered some days if I was “too old for this.”

Now here we are with the spirit of adoption burning in our heart and the Lord leads us to adopt two special needs orphans. One of those “I could never do that” kind of things for me.   Not one, but two. Not only that but two nearly the same age as Elia, making my life a veritable non-stop whirl wind of activity!

I’m 40. I have been blessed with six amazing children. My life is not a fairy tale but it is full and it has purpose.

I look at Aiden and I am reminded of all the Lord has spoken to my heart about his life. Aiden, from the meaning of his name, is my “little flame that will grow.” I believe that his life will stand as a blazing and shining light reflecting the love and passion of the Father for His children. I believe that he will set the hearts of others aflame for the things that burn the heart of God.

I look at Emma, handpicked by the Father to be my daughter. I see life in her eyes and I see her growing in her understanding of my love for her. I get to teach her about the love of the Father. What better job could there be? And I long for the day when like her name she experiences “whole and complete restoration” of her body, mind and spirit.

And I know you want to know about Elia. She is learning to share, and it is such a hard lesson to learn. Each day gets better. Sharing mommy and daddy, sharing food, sharing toys, sharing time… I am so proud of her. Even though she has had her moments for sure, she has really been so very good.  I think she is beginning to understand that our love is big enough for 6 and that she hasn’t been replaced.

On a funny note, the week before we got home, our friend Dave was over and Elia was playing:

He asked her, “Elia are you ready to share with Emma and Aiden.”

She replied, “Yep”

He asked her, “Do you know what share means, Elia?”

She said, “Yep, MINE!!!!”

Ok, we have a long way to go, but we’re making progress.  I have no idea why the Lord thought I could do this. I wonder every day if I have what it takes. I do know this. He believes in me and will strengthen and equip me. He will instruct me and guide me, and give me wisdom to be the mom that these amazing kids need. I’m so glad that I am not trying to do this in my own strength, because I am simply not strong enough.

(ok… this post only took me an hour to write, back to the kids before the world falls apart!)

14 thoughts on “Snot, Snot and More Snot

  1. Whomever said “God never gives you more than you can handle” had it a bit off… God doesn’t give you more than you AND HE can handle TOGETHER. 🙂 Each and every time I try it “on my own” I’m quickly reminded of my intense and daily need for HIM! What a treasure and a gift for those reminders 🙂 Even if they do come in the form of feeling like a complete and total failure sometimes…

    Anyway, sounds like you are doing wonderfully and I’m so glad you have Him to get you through each day!

    Blessings, Meredith (RR)

  2. Oh I love you..you are a great momma and you are doing a great job. Love you and inspired by you.

    your sis

  3. This is why you are such a great minister of the gospel, because you aren’t afraid to be vulnerable! It’s a great testimony of the work the Father has done in you! I love that you lean so willing on Him to give you the strength to do this! I love that you & John were willing to rescue your 3 darlings and I love that the 3 darlings you already had felt secure enough in their Mommy & Daddy’s love to be willing to share you with 3 orphans! What a testimony! I am blessed to call you my friend. Snots on~snots off! You can do it, Yes you can!!

  4. I think you’re a GREAT mom…and if I ever get to have kids of my own, I wanna be just like you!

  5. I love you Sis. Praying for the Lord’s strength to be yours today!
    We’re proud of you guys! So glad you’re all home!
    Love, Ne’, Derek and tribe

  6. What a great post! I am so sorry for all the snot. I do hope everyone gets better soon. Thank you for the update on all your kids and the adjustment process for each one and for you. I love the ‘share/mine!’ story. I am glad Jesus knows what He is doing and He is walking with you second by second, kleenex by kleenex, discipline by discipline.

  7. share = mine hahahahahah

    Elia is too funny.
    Hope you are all feeling better, I woke this morning with you guys on my heart and I covered you (all) in prayer.

    bless you friend…you are a superhero for sure!

    mama to 7
    one homemade and 6 adopted

  8. You’re still my mom hero. Can’t wait until your kids are better so I can come over and visit! I’m available for toilet scrubbing and laundry folding!

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