Yesterday I Peed My Pants

Really I did. After manuevering through a pretty rough morning with now THREE cranky sick toddlers (Elia is now running a fever too), John and I sat down on the floor in the kids room laughing hysterically.

I said, “What have we done?”

He said, “We’re in WAY over our heads.”

I said, “Well we have to figure out how to do this. We’re in it for good now!”

He said, “I know,” and started rocking and moaning in the corner of the room.

Maybe not funny to all of you, but I started laughing so hard. I had a child on my lap, so I couldn’t even move. I proceeded to pee my pants, which made me laugh even harder.

Anyway, laughter is good for the spirit, and so a good laugh must have been just what I needed.

So you’ve all  been wondering about the adjustment. I would say if I was going to give an overall evaluation, I’d say “not too bad.”  Sure we’ve got lots to work on, LOTS, but overall I think we’re doing as well as can be expected.

AIDEN is doing well, other than being sick. He’s definitely not himself yet. His appetite picked up yesterday and he’s eating well again. He has been fever free for over 24 hours now!  He still has a pretty runny, sore nose.  He is bonding well with all his siblings, and loves our cats (not saying they love him back, but he sure loves them.)  He seems to think he’s quite funny when he disobeys and we are working on on “serious, firm” faces.

EMMA is doing better than I expected. We are still seeking the Lord for insight into what is going on in her heart and how to address her behaviors that we feel need to change.  She is not throwing fits or rocking/moaning sessions as much anymore, but she still at time goes into her “cave” to cope. We are trying to comfort and quickly redirect her. She still shows signs of good bonding with John and I. She is responding well to discipline. She is bonding slowly with the older children. She seems to do pretty well with Isabelle most of the time, and is warming up to the boys.

ELIA is making great progress with the adjustment. She was very clingy the first few days home, which is certainly understandable. What a huge transition this is for her.  She has been very kind to Aiden and Emma, and is learning how to share. We’ve had some real breakthroughs in this are, and I’m proud of her for this.  Elia started with a fever yesterday, so she has caught this bug that is going around too. She really had a rough night last night and struggled with fevers all night long. Pray for her.

NICK TAYLOR AND ISABELLE are nothing short of amazing. They are an incredible help to me, and are demonstrating so much maturity as they help with this major family change. They are so great with the little ones!  Pray for Nick and Isabelle they are both down with this bug too. So far Taylor is free and clear of this nasty virus.

Here are some pictures of our first few days home together:



Three in the Tub


Three in the Bed


Three Reading Stories


Three Eating Lunch


Now you know why I peed my pants!


10 thoughts on “Yesterday I Peed My Pants

  1. John was rocking and moaning in the middle of the room?? I am sure that was amusing behavior. He did not even have the back of a chair to hit with his head! Three is a huge blessing. Glad everyone is getting to feel better. miss you all, jamie

  2. Oh John, you are a trip, can’t wait to meet and tease you in person about this one 🙂 We’ve been in over our heads for roughly 3 years-NO TURNING BACK!

  3. (((HUGS))) and laughing too. I hope to get to meet you all one day. Soon this will become the “new normal” and things will calm down! Just think- you just had a baby- TWICE- I think that justifies a good pee-your-pants for those that delivered those babies… why not an adoptive mom too???

    Love you guys, Meredith

  4. We’ve thought the same thing… “What have we done!?” LOL. Mary took the three little guys to Walmart today. She got some looks! And someone asked if they were triplets. Yikes!

    Our first day home, we took them all out to a couple of stores. 3 in the triple stroller is quite a site and probably a bit overwhelming to people. Oh well…maybe we’ll just start charging admission and make some money off the stares. 🙂

    love you guys. glad you’re starting to feel better.

  5. Miss you guys….yea we miss the craziness, so glad we could be with you the first few days. Wish we were closer. Love ya and love the kiddos.

    aunt tara

  6. The Lord stirred my faith this morning with this,
    ‘go beyond what human reason can do and taste the spiritual reality of Christ’s [power] and embrace it’

    I hope it stirs your faith to as you trust Him. You are over your heads : ) , but HE IS NOT! His grace is sufficient – praise Him! And I did think that was funny – I think I would have laughted uncontrollably at that point as well! ; ) Good time to laugh, sister!!!!! Praying for you guys!

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