Just Back from the Urgent Care Center

Please keep our kiddos in prayer. Aiden has had a fever now since we got back and officially has the flu. No ear infection even though he’s been pulling his ears for 3 days.  I guess it’s just his ears getting back to normal from the flight. Emma however has not only the flu, but pneumonia and an ear infection. Poor little babies are just limp rags tonight. 

Nick and I are also feeling pretty crummy with sore throats and pretty nasty coughs.  

So pray for us all to get well, and for the well ones not to get sick!!


13 thoughts on “Just Back from the Urgent Care Center

  1. It’s been a long journey for all of you and you need some rest and relaxation. Praying you all feel better soon!

  2. Oh wow — praying for all you dear ones! Your bodies have all been through so much — praying much rest and healing over you!♥

  3. Father God, In Jesus precious name I ask You to heal every member of this family! Lord I ask you to negate every plan of the enemy to destroy your plans and purposes for them in Jesus name! I ask Lord that as You have been in on this whole journey to rescue Aiden & Emma and reveal more of Your heart to John & Tracie and the other chldren, I know that You will not allow one of Your plans for their lives fall to the ground null & void. I ask that You bind the enemy in Jesus precious name and loose Your warring angel to protect and serve this family! I ask that fevers be broken in Jesus name! I ask that pnemonia be gone in Jesus name! I ask that sore throats end in Jesus name! I ask that you give this family rest, healing rest in Jesus name! I ask that coughing be done in Jesus name. I ask that this family be completely cured in Jesus name. I thank you in advance and know that Your will will be done, in Jesus’s precius name. Amen and Amen.

  4. Praying! It’s a hard adjustment, I hope you all are feeling better and back to your selves soon!! -Meredith

  5. Aiden and Emma now know what it is like to be surrounded by a loving family when they are not feeling well. Even though they were lovingly cared for by wonderful people at the orphanage, I believe they can feel the difference. : )

    Praying health & healing over all!

  6. Praying for you guys! Jehovah Rapha, please unleash your power on this family and heal these precious babies.

    Can you believe we’re actually home with our little ones? It seems so hard to believe. And yet, it somehow seems it’s always been this way. Praise God.

    Love you guys bunches… hope to see you all soon.

  7. How are you all feeling today?? Praying for the Lord to usher these germs right out of your home and to bring health to your family!

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