Our Time in Kiev with the Kids

Photo catch up time: Part 2 


After our first bath.


Getting ready to go into the US Embassy!


Our trip to SDA to introduce the kids to the staff.


With our dear friends the Malones and their sons Micah and Matthew.


After bath #2 with Daddy!


At the hockey/ice skating ring in Kiev with our friend Jamie who was an incredible hostess to us while we were there.


With Momma and Poppa in front of the skating arena.


Our All Star!




This is Katya who I wrote about in my earlier post about our time at the playground. 


Throwing our last grivna coins in the fountain.


2 thoughts on “Our Time in Kiev with the Kids

  1. Thank You so much for sharing the pictures. Thank You also for allowing me to join you during this adventure. It has been an awesome experience for me.
    I pray the Lord’s blessing upon you and the rest of your family as you show the love of God to these little ones. It will be so exciting to see what the Lord has in store for them. I am sure it is something awesome. They are so precious.

    Debbie in Japan

  2. The reality behind these photos makes them so extra special!!! These photos speak volumes!! Bless the LORD!
    Will continue to pray for Emma and Aiden for healing from the past and bonding for the future as Loux family members! Jamie

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