On the Plane

Our final catch up post!




These photos deserve some kind of a commentary on our trip HOME! 

The kids did amazingly well through the airports, through passport control, through customs, all of the things that I was so worried would cause melt-downs.  Thankfully we had strollers so they just rode along happily and watched all the people, the activity, the lights. They enjoyed the escalators and elevators and moving sidewalks. 

The first flight was pretty uneventful. The kids each took about a 1 hour nap MAX. Aiden was developing a bit of a cold and had a really hard time with the descent. His ears hurt so badly. I felt so helpless and he was so pathetic. 

Flight number two from Germany to Chicago was difficult, not unbearable, but very difficult. Let’s start by saying that we sat on the plane for an hour before take off due to boarding issues with seating problems, de-icing the plane, and fixing the media system that was having some problems.  The flight itself was 9 1/2 hours.  YES, NINE AND ONE HALF HOURS! Deep sigh… not something I want to relive. Of the 9 1/2 hours, the children each slept for less than one hour. Yep, you hear me right!  Aiden developed a fever of 104 and was very sick. Fortunately I had medicines with me and we were able to manage his fever and keep him as comfortable as possible. On this flight ascent and descent were very hard on his ears.  

The rest of the “troubles” on this flight simply involved keeping two toddlers occupied in a very small space. I’m pretty sure there was no one on that flight happier than John and I when we got off in Chicago.  

We are grateful for the following: We had no diaper blow outs, no vomit, and no screaming fits. 

We got through passport control/customs with no problems at all. The kids visas were stamped and they were given their green cards. They are officially US citizens!  We arrived late in Chicago, but had plenty of time still because our original layover was almost 4 hours.  We got the shuttle to our gate, washed up and changed the kids and had a short wait for our next flight.

The kids slept the entire way to Kansas City (only 1 hour and 10 minutes), and were greeted with open arms by their siblings, other family, and friends.  

Emma fell asleep again when we got in the van to drive home and we put the kids straight to bed when we got home.  Sadly, they woke up at 3AM. Elia joined them and we had a rip roaring toddler party in the kitchen at 4AM. Breakfast all around!  John and I took turns with our sleep the rest of the day, and we are so grateful that my sister has been here to help with the adjustment! THANKS TARA!!!!! I don’t know what I would have done without her.

The kids took a morning nap yesterday for a couple of hours and went to bed around 7:30PM. As I write at 9AM, Emma and Aiden are still sleeping and Elia is up having breakfast.

The children are adjusting remarkable well. More on that in the next post.


One thought on “On the Plane

  1. Thanks for taking the time to post all these pics! My favorite are the ones in the airport! When the family was finally together! I am also interested in following how life adjust for everyone! How has Elia been doing with her new siblings? It’s alot of change for such a little one! I am still stunned that they are finally home! Just prainsing that you persevered! Of course the Lord gets all the glory!Blessings to all!

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