Watch out United Here We Come!

Leaving in a few hours. Which means I get to sleep for less than 4 hours.

Made a mistake in the time difference. We leave at 5:30AM which is 10:30PM KC/9:30PM Eastern. (reason: Europe did not “celebrate” day light savings time yet)


PS) We had an amazing day today. Got our visas and went out to celebrate with the kids and our friend Jamie! We actually went to a really cool mall. It had indoor ice skating, bowling, pool/gym, theater, as well as shops, and an enormous shop much like a super Walmart.  The kids got to play in a great playground, the kind with a ball pit and so forth. They were nervous at first, but warmed up and had so much fun.

PSS) The coolest part of the day was that one of the girls that worked at the playground- who was really trying to help our “scared to death kids” warm up to the idea of this big playground- grew up in an orphanage from age 8 until she was an adult. She was absolutely precious! Her name was Katya. She is currently in college and working at this playground in the mall.  She was so warm to our children. She was gentle and compassionate. She said that our children were “MIRACLES” and that they were BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN. She said that she had worked some with special needs children, and she even knew that it had just been “International Down Sydrome Awareness Day” on March 21st.  I was so overwhelmed by the whole thing. We got a photo, which I will post later.  After our photo, I asked if I could pray a blessing over her (through our friend Jamie).  I prayed a blessing over her. She thanked me, said she loved me, and wished that God would bless us and our children. AND THEN with her arm around me, she leaned over and sang, “Our God is an Awesome God” to me in Russian.

Ok, wipe your eyes nows, I’m going to bed!


11 thoughts on “Watch out United Here We Come!

  1. Wow!!!!! What another ‘kiss’ from the Lord as you leave for HOME! That is so awesome! Have a great trip — we’ll be praying!!!!!♥

  2. Your experience with Katya went beyond ” a cherry on top”!!
    Can’t wait for the “pics”!! We’ll be praying for the last leg of your journey!! Hope you receive another kiss from God on your journey home!!

    Lots of Love, Mom

  3. As I read this, you will soon be flying out of Ukraine and on the long journey home! I am still trying to wrap my brain around the fact that these are now your children. Forever. That what we have longed for you all is now happening and is a bit overwhelming as I try to imagine you with 6 children! I have to keep reminding myself that the Lord has not fallen short thus far and He won’t once you are all together! I appreciate the pics & videos as that helps me picture the whole thing! Anyways it sure is an awesome thing the Lord has done and I know it is only going to get better as you give Him the glory and praise and lean on Him to show you how to raise these darling children! Elia, Aiden & Emma soon won’t soon remember life any different and the older children will have seen the Lord’s hand in rescuing their younger brother and sisters! The bonding alone that has already happened is so the Lord! It is so exciting! Please post pics of all the children together with you all asap! XO Praying and trusting for a safe journey!

  4. Oh my! I really am going to be absolutely dehydrated from all this crying you make me do! I am awed by the testimony of what God is doing in the lives of others through your heart for adopting these precious two. God is good. What else is there to say?

  5. Wow! I pray you have MANY more moments like this to share the goodness of God in your lives!
    Can’t wait til you’re home with those 2 sweet bundles!
    Love, Pam

  6. It was so special to have Katya, part of the Body of Christ, bless you! It was so wonderful for you to pray a blessing over her. Emma and Aiden are such gifts from the LORD! Jamie

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