Our Last Day in Ukraine

Today will be our last day in Ukraine. WOW! Part of me can hardly believe this is really happening. Tomorrow we are getting on a plane and bringing our two sweet babies home to our HOME.

The kids were up at 6AM this morning. Ugghh! They are now laying down for a little rest before we go to the US Embassy to pick up our visas today at 2PM.  Our plan then is a little outing to a shopping mall that has an indoor playground with a ball pit, and then home for an early dinner, packing, baths, and an early bedtime. 

The kids are doing remarkably well. Of course like any two toddlers, they are exploring and into everything! They are learning their boundaries though. There are no signs of anxiety after leaving the orphanage and coming here to Kiev with us. They seem very bonded to us. Emma is very attached to me, as well as John, and is doing better than I could have ever imagined.  She prefers us to others, comes to us for comfort if she gets hurt, and readily receives kisses and affection from us! God is so good. Aiden though outgoing, still has made it clear that he understands who momma and poppa are. He is quite a snuggle bug when he is sleepy.  Poor little buddy, all his pants are falling off his little bottom. I think I have one pair of sweats that won’t fall off him on the plane tomorrow. He is definitely NOT a 3T!!!!!

I’m sorry for the lack of photos, we’ll put together quite a photo update when we get home. The photos are on my computer which has a very low battery, so I am conserving that for an emergency.  I’m blogging from another computer.  So please be patient, it will be worth the wait.

Thanks again for your love and prayers. This may well be the last post til we are in the US. 

We’ll be leaving for the airport at 3AM, that’s 7PM (KC time), 8PM (East coast time). So pray for us as we get through checking in and boarding with the kids! And if the Lord wakes you up in the night, PRAY!


6 thoughts on “Our Last Day in Ukraine

  1. Pictures would be great…but the 2 littles ones are more important at this time. I am so happy that they both seem to have bonded so well. Praise the Lord.

    Pray you have a wonderful trip..of course, I realize 2 littles ones on a plane is not going to be easy..but I am believing that God will make it easy.

    Just let us know you have arrived safely.

    God bless

    Debbie in Japan

  2. Oops, it’s not today but tommorrow that when I awake you will already be in the air! Thanks for the time explaination that shows me tonight I can be praying as you head to the airport. Trusting the Lord has all the details figured out, knowing He hasn’t let you down yet! Can’t wait to hear you preach about this or read the book! XO Safe journey! Lord station your angels around this precious family I pray in Jesus name!

  3. We’ll pray for you this morning at Malachi 4.6!!!
    Love you all and hope you have a safe, smooth trip home!

  4. Praise the Lord for His goodness & mercy!
    Have a safe, uneventful trip home.
    Love & prayers,
    Steve, Tiffany, Noah, Grace, Elijah, & Chloe

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