Good Day in the City

We left the house bright and early and were at the US Embassy when it opened at 8AM.  We filled out the necessary paperwork to apply for the children’s visas and paid the big fat fee.  We then went to a medical clinic approved by the embassy to have the children examined by a physician. The kids did very well with all the appointments. Aiden was quite the charmer everywhere we went doing his best to get a smile out of everyone.  He found an older couple at the embassy and squeezed up on the bench between them, patted them on the knee and gave them his flirty smile. They were both pleased with his company. 

We were finished with both appointments by lunch time, though we do have to go back tomorrow to pick up the visas. They would not process them the same day. We headed for McDonalds for fries and nuggets. The kids were pretty tired but they LOVED it.  We then went with our facilitator to SDA. He asked if we would like to visit and let them see the children in hope that a personal contact after an adoption would show them the value of adoptino for special needs children. We had a moment to visit in the office and speak with the psychologist and other office officials. We were able to thank them for their part in our adoption and tell them that we were so blessed that these two little ones had become part of our family.  They thanked us for “being willing to adopt children such as these” (indicating their special needs).  I responded by saying,  “We are the ones that are grateful. We are the ones that are blessed.”

I pray that in some small way our visit might have softened their hearts toward the idea of special needs adoption, and helped disarm some of the false beliefs that are held about the motives of American’s adopting these children.

Tomorrow we have a little morning outing planned and then our trip into the Embassy for our exit interview and to pick up our visas at 2PM. Early to bed tomorrow for our 5:30AM flight out of Kiev.

Oh, and to all who asked about sizes, Emma is definitely a 4T but our little guy Aiden is not a 3T. His clothes are swimming on him.  2T and 3T are ok on the top, but his pants are another story. I’m pretty sure he needs 18-24 months on the bottom!

Funny moment from today: a Ukrainian, young man in the medical center’s phone rings and the ring tone is Amy Grant’s “El Shaddai”  (for some reason, that just really cracked us up)


9 thoughts on “Good Day in the City

  1. I am so glad everything is going so well. I hope the process and the days are not so exhausting with much of the stress missing. We love you all and can’t wait to see all of you. Love Papa

  2. Wow! Tommorrow when I get up, you’ll already be on your way home!! How exciting! I can’t wait to meet little Aiden and smile into his eyes and Emma and see the confidence being in her forever family has brought! Whenever that is! And of course Elia isn’t a baby anymore either! In the meantime, thanks for all the pics!

  3. So AWESOME! If El Shaddai is just now gettin to the Ukraine-woo hoo they are behind the times 😉

  4. I know! I want to see Aiden and Emma in American clothes! Tracie, I am so bummed… we leave for Texas Friday morning so I won’t get to see you till 2 weeks or so… sheesh. Still… I can’t wait to meet the new guys!

  5. What wonderful news to know you are back in Ukraine, have your children WITH YOU and will be heading home with them. Praise God! Praise God! Praise God!
    I, too, will be looking forward to pictures.

  6. Yeah!!! You are finally home and the dream of God’s heart has come true in yours. I cannot wait to meet your sweet little angels! I am sure that their new sisters and brothers will begin to love them well physically how they have loved them well in their hearts. I pray that Elia has a good transition as well. That could be hard on a two year old.

  7. Tracie…you can see the pictures of Isabelle and I yesterday at: pamlevenick.wordpress.com

    Can’t wait to see you!

    Love, Pam

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