Slightly Out of Sorts

That’s how I am right now. Just a bit out of sorts. I can’t explain it, except to say that it really stinks to have my children in two different countries, and I will be very glad when this is over!

I’m packing up our bags today. Just got back from finding a few last minute things I needed. Shocked but happy that I found snow pants for $5.00 each. I figure that I’d better take them just in case it’s still freezing, and so that the nurses don’t think we’re negligent parents. I also stocked up on airplane snacks for the kids. I’m thinking if all else fails, I can feed them to make them happy!

There is a chance that we can get our passports expedited by paying an additional $300 each for them. I’m waiting for official word on that tomorrow. If that’s the case, we are praying for another $800 to come in to cover that and the cost of bumping our flight up so we can get our babies home sooner. Finances are a bit tight now, as we hit the last leg of the journey. We’re down to the last bit and are praying for nothing more unexpected so that our current adoption budget covers it all.  We’d appreciate your prayers! The Lord has been so faithful to provide and we are trusting Him to cover us the rest of the way! 

We’re enjoying the beautiful Kansas City sun today, and are just sooooooooo ready to have our family all under one roof!


3 thoughts on “Slightly Out of Sorts

  1. Oh Tracie I bet you are! It has been quite the journey! My prayers and love are with you all! The Lord’s faithfulness and your bravity has been an incredible testimony! God bless you dear friend!

  2. We’re praying, Tracie! We can’t wait for your family to be united. Don’t forget to pack stickers – a lightweight, inexpensive, entertaining “toy” that I’ve used for years to help keep little ones sitting still & quiet in various situations (church, dr. offices, etc. 🙂 Thought that might be helpful on the long plane ride home.
    Love & prayers;
    Tiffany, Steve, Noah, Grace, Elijah, & Chloe

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