Jet Lagging

Just wanted you to know we’re doing great. Tired, but great.  We did some shopping today, 2 car seats, a crib mattress, and clothes/shoes/boots for Emma. 

We’ve been celebrating Elia’s 2nd birthday for a few days now! Pictures soon, I promise.

Today my dad put Emma’s bed together. Tomorrow we organize Isabelle and Emma’s room.

As you can see my post is pretty lame…  but I figured I should a least let you know we’re still here.


4 thoughts on “Jet Lagging

  1. Glad you all are well and preparing for the little ones. I sent you a box full of little boy p.j.’s for Aiden as well as Derek and Renee’s little boys. Take care,
    Jackie Baughman

  2. YAY! God has been doing some BIZARRE but good stuff at our house! HUGS! We are testifying in front of the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES tomorrow-say an extra prayer that the bill passes 🙂

  3. I can’t even begin to imagine how tired you must be and how ‘crazy’ life is — I’m shocked that you even posted at all! lol Still praying for you — please let me know if there’s any way at all that I could help!!!!!! 🙂

  4. I hope you’re getting rested up as you prepare your home for 2 more~LOL! Please let us know your schedule so we can be praying! So excited it won’t be long now!!

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