Just wanted you to know that we got home safely, on time, with no problems other than a might speedy sprint to our gate to catch our flight in DC. We made it just in time.

Rested well, enjoying our kids!

Love to all!


7 thoughts on “HOME SAFE

  1. So glad to hear it! Enjoy the R&R as much as you can as you gear up to bring those new Loux babies home! Can’t wait to see pics of all of you together and the kids interacting with each other! God bless you all!

  2. Glad to hear it…the eagles have landed:) The Ever Lovely Mrs Smith and I send love to ya’ll.

  3. Beautiful! I am glad you are safely home. Enjoy your kids. Then back quickly to get your two cutie pies.

  4. Hey sister! havent’ called to bug you because I want you to have a chance to enjoy the kids and rest before the hordes of visitors descend. I’d like to make you guys a special dinner before you go back to the Ukraine. Could you ask the fam what they would like?

    I could do a full turkey dinner (but it would have to be on a Saturday), with the works, like thanksgiving. Or I could do a beef roast or whatever you and John and the kids would like. Facebook me and let me know?

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