Good Bye, but We’re Comin’ Back Soon

It was hard to say good bye this morning. We’re headed to court in just a few hours and then HOME to see our kids at home. We can’t wait to be ALL TOGETHER! SOON!!!!!! 








4 thoughts on “Good Bye, but We’re Comin’ Back Soon

  1. Precious Father, Please bless this precious family with a swift decision that Aiden & Emma are lifetime members of the Loux family! I ask that you cancel any debt against these children that the enemy of their souls tried to levy against them and I cry out for the blood of Jesus to declare them clean and whole/debtfree! Halluelah! I ask Lord that this time away will bring the desired effect, much needed rest for John & Tracie, an opportunity to love on the 4 kids at home and make final preparations for when they bring Aiden & Emma home forever. I ask that you go before them and prepare the hearts of all the members of the family to be ready to accept and know these precious new members as lifers, no different than they are, just arriving by different means but chosen by Abba to be their siblings and children. I ask for Aiden & Emma to have comfort while their parents are away and make their reunion with them sweet as they are assured that they can believe in their parents love! I also pray for little Elia, I bind any spirit of jealousy or possesiveness, any threat to her inner man in Jesus precious name! I ask that you help her to love these new siblings just as Nick, Taylor & Isabelle accepted her. Despite her age Lord, I know You can minister confidence in her parents love, brothers & sister’s love and extended family & friends, even as she sees them love on Aiden & Emma. Lord let this time period be another way for You to reveal Your love for each and every member of the Loux family! May the example of John & Tracie’s love for all their children reveal Your heart for them and draw each member closer to You. Father, You began a good work and I know You will complete it! I thank-you that you love this family so much and it would not have been complete without these new members of their family! I pray for wisdom & discernment as John & Tracie lean heavily on You to regroup their family in this time of transition to a new normalcy. I again ask for the vehicle needed to trasport this family! Finances to care & provide for all. Help in the transition! Bless them as only You can I pray in Jesus’s precious name! Amen & amen!

  2. Amen!! I am praying over here in Virginia and can’t wait to see homecoming photos. I LOVED the pic of Aiden kissing Emma. They are brother and sister already. God is so good.

  3. Praise the Lord! What a wonderful prayer offered up by sarahjohns. We will continue praying, too. The pictures have been a blessing to us. We love seeing God at work! 🙂
    Love & prayers,
    Steve, Tiffany, Noah, Grace, Elijah, & Chloe

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