We go to court on Friday at 3PM. If you are up early please pray for us (7AM Kansas City friends, and 8AM East Coast friends). We don’t anticipate any problems, but of course as for you to pray that JUSTICE will prevail on behalf of our children.  

When we are finished with court, we will pack up our bags and head to Kiev with our friends the Malone’s. We’ve found a driver who will take us to Kiev at a very reasonable price BY CAR! John arranged that, wonder why?  We will hang out in Kiev with the Malone’s at their friend Jamie’s house. (Jamie is a missionary in Kiev)  And Jamie has arrange for a driver to pick us up at her house and take us to the airport. We have to be at the airport at 3:30AM on Saturday!!!!! Leaving Kiev at 5:30AM and arriving in KC at 6:30PM. All in all, though that only seems like a 13 hour travel day, with the time changing as we travel, it will seem like a 20 hour travel day to us, not to mention we’ll get no sleep at all on Friday night. SO PLEASE PRAY FOR US!

We can’t wait to get home to see our children, REST up and finish getting ready to BRING OUR KIDS HOME!!!

We love you all and thank you for supporting us every step of the way!


John and Tracie


11 thoughts on “Justice

  1. Yay! We are excited beyond belief and are praying. We’ll be praying Friday morning (K.C. time) for you and believing for all to go smoothly! Can hardly wait. I feel like I want to ………(remember how I got my nickname from P.W.?) because I’m so excited!!!!!

    Love you guys!

    Ne’, D and tribe

  2. By the way, Derek has been following your blog faithfully, even while in Thailand. He doesn’t usually leave comments but is
    faithfully praying for you guys!


  3. Praying for justice, favor and blessings from above! Also praying that Aiden and Emma will deal well with your departure and readjust beautifully to your presence when you return to take them to their new lives. I can’t wait for the first picture of the “entire” Loux family!!

  4. Am soooo excited for your return….and ultimately for you to bring the kiddos home for good! Zoe has been saying “That’s AIDEN!” to every photo of a toddler she sees. I think she is picking up on all the excitement : ) Love to you!!


  5. Yeah!!! We are excited for you to come home. Please let me know if I can serve you in getting ready in anyway. Cleaning, moving stuff, etc….

  6. I’m praying that all goes well in court tomorrow. Guess what? I got my court date too!:)

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