The Orphanage


This has been Aiden’s home for 3 years and Emma’s home for 2 1/2 years.


I have no idea what this says. Iwona, can you help?




The building to the right houses offices, the kitchen, and the medical center for the orphanage.


From the rear of the property looking at the back of the orphanage, the office building is now to your left.

And as you can see, the sky is still blue in Novograd today!


5 thoughts on “The Orphanage

  1. “Regional Specialized Children’s House
    Zhitomyezh Regional Council
    in Novograd Volinskyi”

    to smal lletter at the top 😦

  2. That’s cool that you have a translation of the sign. I would love to know what the sign outside Steven’s orphanage says.

    The pictures are so cute. I am glad for the nice weather that is allowing outdoor play.

    I am intrigued by the Missionette comment–I was one as a girl myself!


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