The Sky Was Blue All Day Long

We haven’t seen a blue sky for more than a few minutes in over a month. Today was beautiful! The sky was BLUE all day long. Needless to say we went for a bit of a walk today.  I thought I’d share a few photos of our day. 


This is PALERMO… the restaurant we visit at least ONCE a day because it is the only place in town with internet!  See the boxy squarish cars in front, that is the typical vehicle her in Ukraine.


This is the entrance to one of the parks her in town. There were lots of mommas out walking their babies today.


This is our apartment building. School was out when I took this and the courtyard was full of boys playing soccer. Coats off- typical “spring fever” just like American kids!


John at the doorway to our apartment stairway. Doesn’t he look happy?


Just above our doorway.


Hey, that’s our door at the top to the right! 


Our stairwell, mailboxes…. kind of scary at night.

Anyway, we were grateful for a beautiful day, the sun, blue sky, and TWO MORE FULL DAYS left til court!

2 thoughts on “The Sky Was Blue All Day Long

  1. Wow. That puts a lot in perspective, to see where you actually are. The restaurant made me laugh, because it looks exactly like a chain pizza parlor we had back in Oregon in the 60’s. Shakey’s Pizza. Wow.

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