Our Sunny Day with the Kids


Chris and Mary with Aiden and Matthew


Walking with Popppa


Aiden and Emma (sorry Aiden is blurry, he’s a moving target)


We bought a couple new toys today! A xylophone and a Spiderman tambourine.


6 thoughts on “Our Sunny Day with the Kids

  1. Sunshine and smiles! That’s what we like to see!

    I kissed your Elia today for you, she jumped up into my arms at the Malachi 4.6 Prayer Room and was hangin’ with me for a while. So I prayed for her and loved on her for ya!
    And I gave the eldest daughter a big hug for ya too!

    Isabelle led the prayer set for orphans and it had POWER on it. You would have loved it…

    Love you lots!


  2. Who knew Spiderman was into worship, learn something new everyday, eh Tracie?

    Looks like you go for the nice quiet toys…a girl after my own heart!

    mama to 7
    one homemade and 6 adopted

  3. The updates are always wonderful. The pictures are so cute. I had never really thought of that line in “Everlasting God” about being a ‘defender of the weak’ in relation to orphans–that’s cool. You’re almost to court day!
    Joy, adopting Steven

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