The Happy News is…

Our two favorite nurses went to bat for us and got us back in our “normal” visiting room.

The sad news is- there are two new beds in the room, so it’s pretty cozy. But at least we were warm!

I still have no real idea why all the upheaval over this. It makes no sense to me whatsoever.


8 thoughts on “The Happy News is…

  1. I’m glad everything is working out. By the way, I didn’t call them with my new policy, but I did ask the Father to change their policy.

    Love, Papa

  2. Wow — you guys have sure been through a lot!!!! May your hearts take strength in knowing that your Father is ‘enjoying’ you in the midst of this process! Your hearts to pursue these orphans is amazing! Your love is inspiring and challenging! And, you are not alone — we are upholding you in prayer and trusting Jesus to make a way through it all!!!! Hang in there — You’re almost done………..this ‘season’ is almost over and you’ll soon be home!!! Yeah!!!♥

  3. I am thinking maybe you will cause enough “stink” that the orphanage workers will just ask/beg the judge to let you just take the kiddos NOW, so you are out of their hair. Maybe they had enough of you and are ready to see you all leave. The sooner the better I say.


  4. Yeah! I’m glad to hear you weren’t sent to the veranda again. I hope that works for the Malones, too. The video of the birthday party is such a treasure. I’m so glad you got to be there to celebrate. Bless your hearts, I know you are ready to be DONE. May God just continue to give you strength for the day (or the minute, as the case might be)

  5. It is just a spiritual attack. You are tired, homesick for your family, and I am sure that money and other things are weighing on your minds. The enemy always low balls us when we are down. Keep your eyes on the Father because you are in the center of His will. He will see this thing through, just cling to him and don’t give in to fear or persecution. Love those babies the same in the cold or in the warmth. Your love is melting away the hardnesss that life in an orphanage causes. Your love is creating space in a close off heart. Your love is infecting them and causing them to love. Keep it up guys!!! You are almost through. THis is just the begining.

  6. So glad to hear that they have relented and are allowing you back inside. Bizarre and confusing, but we know who is the author of confusion and WHO IS NOT!!! God has HIS arms around you and your pursuit of these precious lives is making Him smile! : )

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