The Adventure Continues

Friday we were greeted at the orphanage with all sorts of whispers and nurses shuffle around. (John says I’m sugar coating it. He says that the gestapo was coming after us.) Our interpreter finally told us that they were not going to allow us to visit with our children in the room where we have been for almost a month. They told us that we might bring sickness into the orphanage and we would need to play in the hallway. Now the hallway is about 2 ft wide and has cold hard tile and no room to play at all. We were just stunned. All of a sudden there were issues with our shoes, our socks, pretty much our very existence- the bottom line was apparently we carry a large number of germs in our socks and our clothing, even though we shower daily and wear clean socks, and we might start an epidemic of some sort.

After a little interpreting, they allowed us to visit with the kids in the kitchen as long as we wore the flip flops they gave us, which are communal flip flops. John got a pink pair and I got a purple pair.  We were also instructed not to touch anything… the tables the counters, etc.

As of today, we can only visit with the kids outside or in the “veranda” (which is basically a non-heated room with an enormous playpen in it).  So (deep sigh), we trudge on.  You’ll notice the kids have their coats on in our pictures from today… that’s due to the coldness in the room.

On a happier note, our kids are amazing! We love them to pieces and cannot wait to get them HOME!





8 thoughts on “The Adventure Continues

  1. So cute! Do the get along well? They appear to in the pics! Rounding the end of the journey!! Woo hoo! If I have it figured right, in two weeks you’ll be packing them up to go homE!!!

  2. I may just have to come over there and adjust some of their policy.
    Love, Papa (The administrator)

  3. …a little disappointed we have no photos of John in his flip flops. 😦

    Come home soon, friends, Our coffee stash is piling up and I need help drinking it or hundreds of south american coffee farmers will go out of business.

  4. That just bites! Alex’s orphanage did that to me too – not sure what triggered it but they wanted him in the hallway BUT NOT to touch the floor???? Craziness, I tell you! Thank God it was nice out so I only had to be in the hallway 2 different days.
    Be prepared for when they give you “parenting advice” when you leave with them – it took everything in me not to laugh 🙂
    SOON you’ll be home with your sweet babies!!!
    I love reading your updates!

  5. Wow, this is the second room we got put in too! It does have a bit more space and was definitely warm!

    Love you guys! Counting the days………….

    Ne’, Derek and tribe

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