Oh, The People You Meet

These two wonderful young ladies have been a ray of sunshine her in Novograd. On the left is our new friend, Helen who interprets for us some times during our visits to the orphanage. Helen teaches English to elementary school children here in Novograd. She was nervous at first about working as an interpreter but she is doing a great job and we are so grateful for her. She is an exceptional young woman, and we are so glad that we have gotten to know her.

On the right is Olga. Olga has been Aiden’s nurse since he was brought to the orphanage as an infant. Many of the nurses will take on a “momma/child” relationship with the children, and Olga has been that for Aiden.  He obviously adores her, and she him.  She is very sad to have to say good-bye to him, but she has also expressed how grateful she is that we will be adopting him. She knows that he cannot stay at the orphanage much longer, and what would be ahead for him would be a very bleak, devastating future. When we told her that from the time we knew about Aiden that we had prayed that there would be someone at the orphanage who would watch over him with special care, she told us that she had been praying that someone would come to adopt him.



Helen and Olga


Olga with Aiden, John and I at his party!


John and I with our interpreter Helen.

Please pray for Olga, that God would give her grace as she prepares to say good-bye to Aiden and that He would bless her for her years of commitment to him.

2 thoughts on “Oh, The People You Meet

  1. I LOVED all the interpreters that were in my life in Siberia… and the baby house/orphanage workers/nurses/mommas!!! They are beautiful… inside and out!

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