Being Sick Without Your Mommy

I’m sick…. threw up twice last night and really wanted my Mommy. Yes she is still my Mommy, and to all of you 16 year old dorks who think calling your mom, “Mommy” isn’t “cool”… Grow Up! So here is to moms who, if catching puke in a bowl was a sport, would be the all time champs. And heres to the world best mom, who if she could, would build teleportation devise just to stroke my hair and tell me “shhhhh” and kiss my clammy forehead. 

Love You Mom

P.s. Nana and Belle are doing a great job of making me comfortable.


5 thoughts on “Being Sick Without Your Mommy

  1. I’m unclear as to who is doing the puking, but I’m sorry there was vomit at all….

    I knew I was a mom when I heard a hurl coming from my son, and caught it all in my bare hand.

  2. Nick, you did look terrible today, is sucks to be sick. Your mommy will be home soon. Hang in there champ.

    PS, I am 28 and I still call my mom, mommy

  3. Sorry Nick is not feeling well, and wants his mommy. But I can so relate, even though I am 52 years old. I am not feeling well at all today, and just want my mom to at least know. Not that she can do anything when I am in Japan and she is PA. It is just the idea…
    Nick, I am sure your mommy would love to be there with you….and she will be soon..real soon.
    I am awed when I think what you and your siblings are going through right now being separated from your parents. You are making a huge sacrifice..but the Lord will bless you for it, I am sure. Soon you will have a little brother and sister to love on and to be a BIG brother to. Praying for you.

    God bless you!

    Debbie in Japan

  4. I love you Nicky and more than anything I wish I could be there to take care of you, catching your puke and all!

    I love you so much son,

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