More of the Kids





Please pray. The person at SDA who normally does the paperwork required for us to get to court has been sick for a week, and SDA is backed up with paperwork.  We still hope to get our paperwork from SDA by Friday or Monday so that we can go to court on TUESDAY!!! PLEASE PLEASE PRAY!!! 

For those of you asking about our needs for the kids when we get home, here it is:

1. Aiden- size 2T 

2. Emma- size 4T

3. Diapers- size 5 should cover all their cute little bums… (maybe 4 for Aiden though)

4. Wipes

On the bigger side of things, we are believing the Lord for

1. A new van (12 passenger)

2. A play room for the kids (remodeling project for our garage)


We are at day 26 away from home.


3 thoughts on “More of the Kids

  1. Who is counting…….?

    Aiden, you need to get home. Aunt Tara bought you a VERY COOL birthday present for you to share with your sisters. You also need to tell Pappaw to get building that playroom, because you will need extra space for it. You know Uncle Jeremy, the practical one, was concerned you would have space. But leave it to Aunt Tara, to not care. You will get lots of fun with it and mom will have loads of fun picking up all the balls constantly. You can thank me later Trac.

    Aunt Tara

  2. Hey, guys! We are praying, praying, praying! Our church family has special prayer for you each Sunday as well as many of us praying individually for you throughout the week. God bless & hurry home! 🙂
    Love & prayers,
    Tiffany & family

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