Let Me Explain





Let me try to explain Emma’s face… she does not have a skin condition or any other abnormality. She simply had a few baby zits. They were actually so little I don’t even remember that they were there.  Apparently however, they treat baby zits here with lancing and iodine making the child look far worse than they looked in the first place. Can someone explain this to me?

Other than that, Emma is doing amazingly well.  She loves our visits and even cried last night when we left!

Thanks for all your prayers. 

(Oh, and as far as clothing, we think she will need a 4T for spring/summer clothing- some of you have asked!)


11 thoughts on “Let Me Explain

  1. I look at that precious face and just see her softening. She has a totally different “look” than she did just a week ago. God is GOOD…ALL THE TIME! Praise Jesus!

  2. This is very encouraging to us. We can see in these pics that Emma is softening and beginning to embrace you as Mama and Papa. God is good, so faithful to complete the good work he’s begun!

    We love you and we’re praying hard!

    Ne’, Derek and tribe

  3. I think these pictures go nicely with the ones of Aiden with the green spots. What a colorful family album they will make!

    I’m so glad to hear she’s doing better. It must have been so thrilling when she cried as you left! That sounds wrong, but you know what I mean. (I hope!)

  4. Tracie…I love you right back! And it was my pleasure…she’s a great gal and it was fun!
    Poor Emma, oh gosh, I hope it fades soon! And Aiden, I can’t imagine when you get the little monkey together with Elia what kind of mischief they will find themselves in. Isabelle and I are sure they will be partners in crime hee hee!
    Can’t wait for you to get them home so we can meet them!

  5. Michigan could be REALLY fun this year! Do we have enough baby gates to fence in our entire beach? It sounds like Emma’s the most likely to keep the other three birds on the ground!
    Love ya,

  6. Wow, you think that they could traumatize the child anymore? Lancing seems a bit extreme. Good thing that she isn’t allergic to iodine. Well, what ever. I will start working on the clothing thing. You will need lots of sippy cups to I suppose, what else? You need some Dora Explorer stuff too!

  7. Just reading the last couple days. Crazy what they do for the pimples, BUT way awesome to read that she is enjoying your visits and didn’t want you to leave. You are proving that love always wins!

    What a blessing it will be when you finally have them home.

  8. Well, Emma doesn’t seem to be phased by it in the least. I am sure by the time you pack up, she will be all healed.

    What a strange practice….so glad it isn’t the chicken pox like I thought though. That isn’t so fun in grown ups, or kids for that matter.

    Bet you won’t take this orphanage routine home with you!

    mama to 7
    one homemade and 6 adopted

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