Orphanage Attire

Orphanage fashion seems to be  a combination of whatever is at the top of the pile in the mass closet of clothing at the orphanage. And for whatever reason, Aiden seems to take the cake, when it comes to fashion!  Here’s the outfit he was sporting yesterday! Note the tights! Can’t find tights like that just anywhere.





10 thoughts on “Orphanage Attire

  1. I agree — he could wear anything and look so cute! His smile just lights up the room, doesn’t it?! 🙂 I don’t know — he could start quite the fashion statement with the squirrels! lol

  2. Hey…I have a pair of tights just like these. I wear them on special occassions. Love to ya’ll.

    The Emerald Isle Dwellers

  3. HA HA. Boy does that bring back memories. I agree with the previous posters, he looks great in anything. But how much fun you’ll have dressing him yourself!

  4. These tights are very popular in Eastern Europe, but mostly for girls…small boys might wear them under trousers during winter…
    he looks cute

  5. Gotta love those tights! On Caleb’s gotcha day, he came out sporting a light blue little boys summer outfit (it was June) and lavendar tights with girls bright red buckle shoes. I have really cute before and after pics of that day!:)

  6. Aiden would fit right into the IHOP if you like it wear it fashion scene. I think that most of his outfits have only brought out the cutness not detracted from it. You have to love those European’s!.

    I have a lot of 3T and 4T clothes for Emma that a friend in Kansas gave me for you guys. I will drop them by your house. You’ll have to send out a list of things that you need. I am sure that if we passed the word in some of the moms groups that you would get some great things, plus gift cards!

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