Multi-Purpose Orphanage Vehicle



This ambulance belongs to the orphanage. We have seen it used to transport children (Derek was taken in it with his boys the day they got their passport pictures taken). During our time here, however, it has been mostly used to transport building materials for an addition they are working on at the orphanage. 

We try to point out cars and this ambulance to the kids every time we take them out so they are familiar with “Machina.”  We are a bit nervous about our first car ride with the kids! We are praying that they will be excited, not scared to death!


3 thoughts on “Multi-Purpose Orphanage Vehicle

  1. Daddy’s gonna have to get a backpack to strap Elia on too! God is really giving you wisdom to help these little ones adjust! It’s truly awesome to see both these sweeties hanging on to their daddy!

  2. You are looking good with those two little ones, papa John!!! Can’t wait till you ALL come home together. We miss you!!! : D
    Hugs to you all & prayers for favor, safety & blessing.
    Janet Asbury

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