Introducing Chris and Mary Malone


Words cannot express how grateful we are that God has put Chris and Mary in our lives. We all began our adoption journeys in August, and quickly became blog and email buddies as we shared the process with each other.  I can’t count the number of emails that bounced back and forth between us over the past months.  And here we are TOGETHER in Novograd. 

We are SO GLAD that they are here with us. Not only are they exceptionally amazing people, THEY SPEAK ENGLISH! All joking aside, we are so blessed to have them here with us. 

Chris and Mary are here adopting two boys with Down Syndrome. One at the orphanage where Aiden and Emma are, and one at an orphanage about an hour away from Novograd. Please keep them in prayer as you pray for us, they arrived about 12 days after we did. They are close to getting their court date as well. Pray that all goes well for them and that they can get their sweet boys home soon.

We are so glad that God has placed them in our lives, and we are quite certain we have just made life long friends!


7 thoughts on “Introducing Chris and Mary Malone

  1. We love you all! Can’t wait until you (John, Tracie and Malones) and our tribe all get together for our planned reunion here in the states! Praying for all of you!

    Love and hugs,

    Ne’, Derek and tribe of 9

  2. It must be wonderful to have someone to speak English with! I’ve only been to non-English speaking countries twice, and I remember the breath of fresh air when I could carry on a regular conversation!

    Hang in there. The end is near!

  3. Thinking about you guys today and kept hearing the phrase…Take Heart. Having lived in in Eastern Europe for 2 years I remember vividly feeling lost in language, the freaky food and travel, the oppression that just seems to rest in certain places there and definitely how sloooowly things move. BUT – me thinking about you guys was less a reminiscing “oh wonder how things are going” and more a Jesus moment.

    Take Heart! says the Lord. This time is a just a taste of the lengths and heights that Jesus went to love. This is a journey of the heart and at the end the prize is both the children and a new depth of love for you. A new reality. For you will both be people of GREAT love. You will understand the depth of mercy and the height of grace that much more. Your eyes are being changed to see with greater clarity into the truth of a matter, the truth of a heart and the truth of a person. It is Horton hears a who in LIVING color. I hear “Every single person in your family is up for reward” because you each saw and each said yes.

    continuing to pray and ponder….

    your doing great!


  4. Great picture of all four of you!! There’s a special glow on your faces ( in spite of how tired you all must feel)!! This friendship is truly a special gift from above!!

    Love, Mom

  5. Tracie,
    Go to pamlevenick.wordpress.com and you will see what we did today!
    Still praying! I love Emma’s laugh. It’s so fun. She seems to be doing much better!
    Love you lots,

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