John Loux Live from Ukraine: Part 3


15 thoughts on “John Loux Live from Ukraine: Part 3

  1. Thanks! That answers all the burning questions I had about Ukrainian faucets and baths. What an adventure!

  2. Disclaimer: None of the commentary in this video or any future Loux Ukrainian videos is meant to be disrespectful of life in Ukrainian. We are simply trying to amuse ourselves and keep a sense of humor about this whole crazy process!!!!

    I think you all know that, but just wanted to be sure!


  3. Well, the kids thought that was absolutely hilarious! 🙂 I know you guys will be glad to get back home! We are praying these last few days go quickly & smoothly for you! Oh, and the video of the kids playing is precious! 🙂
    Love & prayers,
    Tiffany, Steve, Noah, Grace, Elijah, & Chloe

  4. Do you suppose the toilet paper is strawberry to make up for the fact that the food is so, well, not food-like?

    You guys are just too funny! I wish there was a way to send you some emergency supplies, like a different card game, and maybe some lemon toilet paper. Just to mix things up a little for you.

  5. this is awesome. when you come back, john should keep doing the video blogging.
    Are you guys bonding yet? That’s a heck of a long time for a married couple to hang out….

  6. All I can say is, wow. I am just in awe of you guys, for real. Strawberry toilet paper, weird water, strange food…. I don’t know which to offer you first when you get home, a long shower, or a big meal?

  7. I’m assuming this is a video – it doesn’t show up on my MAC using Safari.
    John – can you give me some technical support here?

  8. You should be happy that you did not adopt 15 years ago. For your toilet paper you would have to use yesterday’s newspaper, fresh ink smearing….and I will stop here…OR…a leaf… 🙂

    As for the food…when i first saw Americans eating broccoli, I thought that was weird…tree eaters…also sweet and sour was a totally new combination…I can’t think of the potato cakes dishes with stuff in it…are they round? boiled? fried?

    Serpentine-decorative plumbing has a purpose: it’s your dryer (the pipe should be hot or at least warm), towels (and clothes during the winter) dry faster. That of course can happen only if your water pressure is good…(by the way, what floor is the apartment on?

    I think I would like to take John to Siberia and Saudi Arabia next time we go…

  9. Ditto what Iwona said about the toilet paper; I was in Odessa for a month in 1995.

    John, John we never knew thee. Your sarcastic humor is absolutely amazing. We’re going to go watch part 1 and 2 now.


    Hannah and Scotty

    P.S. For a couple of weeks now, Scotty has been bathing using only a gallon of water split between a couple of buckets. Just for “fun”. It’s kinda weird, but it works when you get used to it.

  10. Iwona,
    We are on the 2nd floor. The hot water heater is in the kitchen so in order to get hot water to the bathroom, we have to run the kitchen sink and the bathroom faucet at the same time. Otherwise it’s too far and not enough pressure to get the hot water heater to “kick on”.

    The “Potato Cakes” that we referred to are like shredded potato, egg, cheese and maybe some flour/baking soda, and they are pan fried. I think. I’ll try to get the name of them for you.

    As to continued videos when we get home. A camera set up in our house running non-stop might provide some great entertainment as we try to figure out life with three toddlers, two of whom do not speak English!!!!

    And as to “marital bonding” well… we still really, really like each other, which is amazing!

  11. Well, this gives a new appreciation for the good ol’ US of A! You’re gonna feel like you’re livin’ in luxury when you get home. Thanx for aiding in my increased heart of gratitude. I love Puffs Plus. Wish I could send you some! But seriously….it’s worth it all, isn’t it?

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