Court Date

We have been told that our court date will be EITHER March 3rd or March 6th. Please pray that it is the 3rd!!!

I’m not sure when we’ll have definite word on the date, but we really really want to get home for a break. 

In the mean time, Emma and Aiden are doing amazingly well, and we just can hardly wait to get them home. It’s hard to believe it will be nearly a month longer til that happens. Ahhhhhhgggg!


9 thoughts on “Court Date

  1. Can’t wait to see you! You might get home before we arrive if the Lord answers our prayers for the 3rd!!

    Lots of Love, Mom

  2. Praying it is sooner rather than later. Keep encouraged…you will soon be reunited with your family and be able to start this new adventure with all your children.

    Debbie in Japan

  3. Praying for the 3rd as well. Also for a second and third wind as you run this marathon! Grace to you…


  4. I am praying for sooner but trusting the Lord for the perfect date. I have been praying for grace & encouragement as you wait upon the Lord. It seems you are in the transition phase of labor, feeling almost like you can’t go any further from exhaustion. I am praying for the strength (and I have no doubt, I know you will never quit) to push through this phase and soon it will all be a fading memory. I wish you could have the waiting period waved and you could take the kids back with you the first trip home! I am excited to hear you preach about what the Lord taught you in this long journey of labor and love. All my love & prayers dear friends! You are doing excellently, excedingly above all you could have ever imagined possible. I also pray for grace on the kids at home waiting for their mamma & pappa to get back to them! and in Nick’s words bring them kiddos home!

  5. Praying!! I didn’t get to check in for a few busy days here, but I have been praying! So glad you are having a nice time with the Malones as well. We were so blessed to have the support of other Americans over there as well (strangers ’til we got there, but now close friends!).

    Please e-mail or call me if you need anything! (hugs)

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