Quick Update

We’re here. We’re doing ok. We hope to have a court date given to us by Monday. We’ll let you know! 

The kids are doing great. Emma continues to improve and is bonding well. 

Not much else is new. Just wanted to let you know we are STILL HERE!!!


4 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. You know you can’t leave us hangin’ too long. Thanks for keeping us posted and letting us know you are
    “STILL HERE”. I miss chatting with you.

    Your sis

  2. Hey guys – Derek here
    I’m in Poland – too bad we can’t jump on sweaty trains and meet in the middle. You bring the cheese and salami and I’ll bring the vodka and construction paper toilet tissue. It’ll be wild and crazy!

    You guys are making me laugh so much from these posts. Trac, I loved your random thoughts post … great.

    I feel for you. Don’t you feel like you are stuck in a time warp you’ll never get out of? Who you used yo be and your life start fading away as you wander the streets of Novograd mumbling random Russian words … “spaceeba”, “chai”, “sloohey” I started marking time by when I get get another shot of honey pepper vodka … pretty scary.

    Love you guys so much and am praying for you! I feel so proud to be your brother!

  3. We have not forgotten about you! Hang in there! I think of Paul on his many missionary journeys and how mundane the walking mile after mile from city to city must have felt at times. Or how much time he spent just riding on a boat getting to his next destination. You are following in the footsteps of great saints-they all had mundane times.

    By the way, we are starting our homestudy! We are wanting to adopt from Ethiopia. Yeah!

  4. Hey Derek! Hard knowing you’re so close, but yet “one smelly train ride” to far away.

    We’ll bring some t-paper home and we can have a wild party!

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