Thanks to My Dad

Thanks to my dad, I know how to pee in the woods. That skill comes handy while traveling in Ukraine. Not peeing the woods exactly, but squat and pee skills, you know what I mean.

Thanks to my dad, I don’t mind the smell of sweat.  My dad was a PE teacher when I was little. I can still remember going to school and hanging out in his office/locker room (when the boys were gone obviously). The smell of gym mats and sweaty boys brings back happy memories for me. The bus ride to Kiev had a similar smell (sweat and vinyl), and I didn’t mind. 
Thanks to my dad, I am pretty comfortable with talking to just about anyone. My dad has mastered the art of conversing with strangers. I’m pretty darn good at it myself- even when I don’t speak their language. Don’t ask my kids or John how they feel about this particular skill of mine, they’ll just roll their eyes at you. I’m pretty sure I embarrass them completely in elevators.
Thanks to my dad, I have a healthy competitive spirit in me. When I was 5, we would play pick up sticks, and if the sticks moved even a smidge, I was out.  Because of that, even though John has beat me the past two rounds of Phase 10, I am still the overall champ at 7 wins to 4 losses, and my new personal best at hand held Yahtzee is 422.
Thanks to my dad, I have learned that love, consistency, and lots of prayer is what it takes when it comes to raising kids.
Thanks to my dad, I am just bull headed enough to push through this whole adoption thing without falling apart at the seams. 

11 thoughts on “Thanks to My Dad

  1. Your dad is an amazing man! I love your mom too! No wonder you turned out to be the woman of God you are today!

  2. I can just picture your Dad smiling ear to ear as he reads this post.

    You two are absolutely amazing!

    Love from the Emerald Isle

  3. He’s a keeper! I’m glad God chose me to be part of this family and that I have in-laws who I freely call Mom and Dad.

  4. Aww… so sweet and so funny.


    I e-mailed you at your IHOP address. We need to talk. I know you are in the Ukraine. If you can, I need to get in touch. I understand completely if you cannot.

    Praying for you ….


  5. I’m responding to Tara’s comment above, about you being able to hunt for your own food when times get tough. I remember over 17 years ago, Trac, you and I were standing in my parents kitchen in Texas and you told me about a deer you had killed. I’m not talking about the one you hit with your car. I’m talking about the one you shot with a bow and arrow! I thought, wow, this chickie pooh is one tough cookie! Praying that food doesn’t get scarce so you have to revert to shooting with arrows in the woods. Maybe we should all start calling you Maid Marion from Robin Hood (hee hee).

    Hey, Derek is in Poland right now. Just an 8 hour train ride away from you guys!

    Love you sis,

    Ne’, Derek and tribe

  6. Praying for the paperwork to go through quickly! I looked for you on Facebook just now since it’s the middle of the night here. The stomach flu won’t let me sleep and I thought just maybe you would be looking for someone who’s awake in the US like the other night 🙂
    The kids look even happier this week! That’s a good sign. I hope you and John are holding up and are not too tired.
    We love you!

  7. Praying for you seams…what a sweet tribute to your dad.

    mama to 7
    one homemade and 6 adopted

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