Piggy Back



We’re all doing great. We are going to get to meet with an interpreter and the nurse who has been with Aiden for the past 3 years tonight. She is a very caring and compassionate young woman, and we are excited to talk with her.  She loves Aiden very much, and wants to keep in touch with us. We’ll fill you in after our visit!

Keep praying that our paperwork MOVES! We are still waiting today!


2 thoughts on “Piggy Back

  1. How exciting to have that kind of a connection for Aiden! I am trusting the paperwork will come through exactly on time. Praising God for the progress the waiting has given you with Emma!

  2. What beautiful pics! We are praying for you all and for the Lord to continue to make head way for you, for your kiddos with you and for the ones here in KC. Bless you!

    Tonya Lafayette

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