Dirty Carpet

Today as we left the orphanage after our morning visit (which was great), I got hit with the sense of “Aggghhhh, does this really even matter? These visits… I just want them HOME where I can really love on them!”  As quickly as I was hit with that silly thought, because of course IT MATTERS, I was reminded of this reality.

We are building history with our children. We are showing up two times a day, playing on the floor in the same room, with the same toys, with the same snack of bananas and cookies to show them we are committed to loving them.  We are here to meet them where they are and hopefully touch their hearts with the reality of our love for them.

Jesus did it. He came to our reality and lived among us. And still every day He comes to fellowship with us right where we are. He persistently and faithfully builds a history of LOVE with us, knowing all along that there is something so much more that we cannot even begin to imagine. I speak of eternity, but I also am captivated another thought.

He comes to us to BE WITH US. He knows that we are capable of experiencing greater levels of fellowship, truer intimacy, and a deeper level of walking with Him. He knows this, but He doesn’t give up when all we have to offer Him are the same words, the same prayers, the same expressions of our love to Him. He never tires of the little we have to give. He never tires of the smallest whisper of a prayer, our weak love songs, and our simple expressions of love. 

Today I am thankful for the many days that Jesus comes and gets down on the dirty carpet to be with me, even when He knows there is so much more for He and I to experience together.


5 thoughts on “Dirty Carpet

  1. Wow, that’s good! And so true! Change our hearts O’God to be willing to allow ourselvest o draw closer to You and also to be used as instruments to express Your love even if it means on a dirty carpet! O’God You alone are worthy of our praise!

  2. Your mother and I are the blessed parents of three children who love the Savior and are serving him as Lord of their lives.

    Tracie, I am so pleased with the insight and revelation that the Lord gives to you. I am excited that you hear Him. I am also pleased with the gift he has given to you express his truth yo others.

    Your mom and I will continue to pray for you and your brother and sister, and for all of our grandchildren. We will pray for each of you daily.

    Aiden and Emma will soon understand the magnitude of the love that Christ has for them. The redeemer and friend.

    Love, Dad

  3. You are so right Trac. You 2 are just beautiful to be doing all that you are-those kids are waiting for you and whether they realize it or not-are starting to depend on you. They need you so much! Just like we need HIM! Keep truckin’ on sister!

  4. Praise the Lord! Thank you for that inspiring post. We appreciate you! God bless!
    Love & prayers,
    Tiffany & family

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