Pics of the Kids from Yesterday!












14 thoughts on “Pics of the Kids from Yesterday!

  1. These are great posts recently. The pictures are full of life. Of course, the subjects are too! We are praying all the time for God’s hand upon every step and detail. He is faithful!!
    Love, Papa

  2. Wonderful pictures….Looks like little Emma is opening herself up to the love you have to give her…That is awesome. God is SO good.

    Debbie in Japan

  3. Flat iron issues for John again? Love the beanie! The kids look like they are having a BLAST with dad! HUGS!

  4. Hey Caroline, I think Emma was borrowing Aiden’s tights. hahahaha!

    You guys rock. And roll. Even without a flat iron. And the groundhog will sleep through the night soon!

    I love you guys more than words and feel like I could squeeze these little ones until they burst. We absolutely cannot wait till you all get home!!

    Much, much love!!


  5. They are too cute!!!!! I cannot wait until they are home!

    and once you are home and settled…. we need to talk!!


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