Hi Daddy!




11 thoughts on “Hi Daddy!

  1. Lili, glad to see you without a runny nose. Although, you sure are the cutest snottiest kid I know. I am sure you just melted your daddy’s heart.

    Aunt Tara

  2. Oh wow, if that doesn’t make you miss the little darlin’ I don’t know what will…
    Isabelle was so funny today at Malachi 4.6…she says to me: If I don’t get a baby right now, I am going to DIE! (She was referring to the Bohlender twins!) But it struck me funny the way she said it.
    Love you guys and still praying with the rest of the CEC gang for you!

  3. Oh my gosh!!! This made our day if not our whole entire month!
    Nick these shots are amazing!

    Elia darlin’ we miss you so much, you are such a little light in our life. We can’t wait to hold you and squeeze you!

    This was JUST what we needed today!!!!

    Thanks guys!!
    mom and dad

  4. Nick, you did a beautiful job with these photos. Seeing these was good medicine for your parents, I’m sure.

  5. Nick-
    EVENTUALLY we must hook up for a photo session! We have lots of good stuff out on our farm. You did an AMAZING job with these pics of your adorable baby sis!

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