Our Flat

Oh and Yes, Iwona, we are in Novograd, Ukraine!


Our Bedroom! Come on now, you all want me to bring the white silk blanket home don’t you?



Our Little Kitchen


Kitchen Eating Area


Our Pad- little did you know there are two!


And just for my dad and my brother Joe (who is a line man in Pennsylvania), here’s our fuse box!


13 thoughts on “Our Flat

  1. That fuse box looks seriously dangerous. Maybe John could stand near it, and the electrical discharge would put the body back in his hair?

    Ps I think the hair looks fine… but the joke was too funny to pass up.

  2. Dorean,
    Valley? You betcha… two not so big matresses in one frame… like mini twins, or cot matresses. Thus the valley. I get stuck in it from time to time.

    I’ll recommend electrical hair therapy to John. We lost power one night and some guy came and played with the fuses. He wore a hat so I’m not sure if it affected his hair or not. I’ll plug John into the box tonight and see if that “clarifies” anything.

  3. Killer pad. It is like the second honeymoon that you never had right. I say leave the silk blanket and grab those slip covers on the couches. Your den could go from black and red to retro 80’s rock style. It would be sweet! JK 🙂

  4. This, I must say, is typical Communist Eastern European flat. The whole generation of us grew up in these, thinking that this is the greatest gift from God (it actually was).

    Thinking of you.

  5. Brings back fun memories for Derek and I!!! We were so humbled by our friends who let us use their flat!

    Love you guys!

    Ne’, Derek and tribe

  6. Such a cute little place. Groovy and eclectic…kinda like the two of you.

    Stay away from that fuse box…it looks touchy.

    mama to 7
    one homemade and 6 adopted

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