And for you a special gift…. JOHN LOUX LIVE FROM UKRAINE!!!!


12 thoughts on “HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!!!!

  1. All I have got to say is where were you when I went to Israel?? We bought one of those thingys that is suppose to make a hair dryer work but it didn’t and so we spent like $50 on it and it didn’t ever work!! LOL!! The good news is I had not gone so overboard since I am not a rockstar (it was an intercessory tour) so I just dealt with it! And it was only wartime and my biggest fear was being in range of a suicide bomber, so I was able to bring regular sizes of goop to make my hair do what I wanted it to do!! I am sorry John I did not lay hands on you and help you be delivered! You have to understand like back when we would have met, a hair could not be out of place! In fact for a few years I had a poster of a cat that hung in my bathroom scowling and the caption over it said “Bad hair day”! LOL!! My co-workers wanted to buy it for me for my birthday but fear my wrath! They couldn’t believe I had bought it for myself and had a sense of humor about it! (In my defense that was prior to becoming spirit=filled ~ I think, I hope! LOL!) So I truly can relate! I want you to know there is deliverance available! Now my key necessities is a good cut, really sticky goop and areosol hair spray! No blow dryer no curling iron no perm!!! I spend $3 every other month and color my hair myself!! In the meantime, I recall Derek wearing a stocking cap when they were rescuing their boys! LOL!
    And we really should have talked because I had discovered wrinkle release many years ago through Amway and then 5 yrs ago Shelly Smith introduced me to Downy Wrinkle release! I since have discovered you can buy a Dollar General brand for alot less and it works just as well! As for the Fabreze, the cheap stuff just doesn’t smell as good! Well there’s my wisdom to add to your repitore! Anyways sitting on the edge of my seat for the next part of this amazing factual documentary!! Thanks so much for the chuckles, I hope this will give you a few as well! I must confess, if the above necessities didn’t work, I’d be syndrome down, good hair is a must!! LOL! God bless you guys~I love you all and can’t wait until this will be a memory and Aiden & Emma are home with you all! I actually can hear you adding this info you are sharing to how God spoke to you in your journey to rescuing you little ones and preaching it to listening ears about the spirit of adoption!! XO to you both!

  2. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So here’s a suggestion for the underwear issue, baby powder with cornstarch or maybe plain cornstarch?? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I think John has a very good point about the Speedos!!! It’s all about improving the economy right now and I think the Speedo company will have John to thank for their increased sales. : )

  4. John,

    I tried to do the speedo thing but always get my arms stuck trying to put them on! Dude…Letterman has nothing on you.

    Marcus Smith

  5. Um GOLD BOND for the old crotch area. Love the rockstar hair and speedo idea-I thought BABUSCHKA (or however you spell it) meant I”M TICKED! SO thanks for that lesson. Turn your undies inside out and you get another good couple days out of those BAD BOYS!

  6. I got a video shout out on my birthday! John loux, I heart you. You do realize you could ditch the boxers all together and just wear the speedos, right? I mean, boxers over speedo’s seems a bit like overkill?

    Also, I will send you clarifying shampoo if you need it. Just tell me the address and what type to buy. I’m serious. I can’t have you in the Ukraine looking all flat and sad. You must have bouncy clarified hair.

    we could all use a little clarification.

    I miss you guys so much!

  7. 1.it’s BAH-bush-kah (the accent over the first syllable)
    2.talk to Keith about speedos
    3.when you come back I will cook a big pot of borschch and have you over

  8. i just keep hearing amy grant’s song, ‘baby, baby’ as ‘babushka, babushka… i’m taken with the notion…” ha!
    you guys are awesome!

  9. I guess this is what you do for entertainment when you have forgotten the movies! I now see where Nicholas gets his flare for Home Star Runner. oh my.
    I am glad that Emma is warming up to you. Jesus, we ask you for more!
    Do they speak Russian mostly? I would’ve thought they spoke Ukranian…hhmmmm…
    Love you both!

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