Hi Mom



6 thoughts on “Hi Mom

  1. Great Pics. I know Nick does not like to have his picture taken, but next time Taylor, you will have to grab the camera and get a few of Nick.

    Miss you guys.

    Aunt Tara

  2. Great pictures, Nick. wonderful subjects! I agree with aunt Tara. We need to have some pictures of you, as well.
    Love, Papa and Memaw

  3. I’m not even related and that was my thought too, where’s Nick and of course Elia! Beautiful pics though Nick! I esp love the one of Isabelle looking up/#3.

  4. Awesome work as usual! What talent & what beautiful models you are working with đŸ˜‰ I’d love for you to mentor my 12 year old son in photography – he’s very interested, but doesn’t know where to begin!
    Beautiful kids & beautiful pictures! Keep up the great work!
    Tiffany, Steve, Noah, Grace, Elijah & Chloe

  5. My beauties,
    We love you so much! Thank you for these great pics. They warm our hearts so much! You are incredible gifts from Jesus to us.

    We need a LiLi and Nick photo shoot soon too!

    And Tay, you need to shoot Nick. With the camera that is!!!!!

    Love you guys,
    Mom and Dad

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