Aiden and Momma







Aiden and Momma having a bit of fun together. Well, momma’s getting her head beaten with a toy, but Aiden’s have a blast thinking he’s so funny!!! And he is of course!

Just returned from the orphanage from our morning visit,  and I got about 4 kisses from this little man today! It was good for my heart.

Nick, Tay, Belle, and Elia,

We miss you guys so much. We’re so proud of you. You are our heros in this whole thing.  We cannot wait to be all together again. We love you so much,

Momma and Daddy


8 thoughts on “Aiden and Momma

  1. Our family prayed for you in devotions last night that your way would be easy to see and traverse. That the snags that have/could happen will not be an issue and that God will expediently complete this phase of the journey. He is FAITHFUL. See you guys in a couple of days… we leave in 2 days. Wow.

  2. Trac-
    He’s in love…With his mama. That’s just pure sweetness. Please pray for our journey-if you have extra time-you know my feelings on adoption and THE PULL and calling I FEEL toward a certain type of children. Pray that our house will be united on this decision! HUGS TO ALL!

  3. You couldn’t wait to hold him in your arms and now, there he is! It must do your heart good! It does mine good to look at these photos!!

    Praying that things continue to move along, that you’ll have favor with those in authority, that the bond you’re forming with Aiden and Emma will be as strong as steel forged in the Father’s love and that you and John and ALL your children will be together in KC very soon!

  4. How beautiful! Absolutely beautiful!
    We’re praying for your whole family & are so glad things are going well. Praise God!
    Love & prayers,
    Tiffany, Steve, Noah, Grace, Elijah & Chloe

  5. These pics melted our hearts! We love you! Praying hard for everything and believing Jesus to move on behalf of all of you!

    Much love,

    Ne’, Derek and tribe

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