Smart with Chocolate

New Video on JOHN’S BLOG!


6 thoughts on “Smart with Chocolate

  1. We love the videos. we’re starting to get to know the kiddos as we watch them play and interact. Soon they will play with memaw and papa. Less than 1 month!!!!

  2. Plumbers crack, poop & chocolate not something I’ve ever heard said in the same sentence but it surely is adorable!!
    God is so good! I can tell you two are in love with these little ones already! I keep thinking of Elia and the adventure you have ahead of you! Oh God bless you all!

  3. Tracie,
    We put Aiden and Emma’s pictures on the “big screen” at Malachi 4.6 this morning and prayed for you. Isabelle gave an update. The kids LOVED seeing your kids! It was so fun watching their faces!

    Belle came and stood right beside me for a long time so I gave her a snuggle for you! I think she misses you!

    How is all the paperwork going? We are still praying and hoping all is going well.


  4. The videos are soooo cute! I keep thinking what a wonderful way that must be to communicate with your children at home & let them see & “get to know” their new siblings as they anxiously prepare for their arrival. I need to learn how to take video clips & post them like that for our next adoption adventure đŸ™‚ What awesome memories you are capturing on tape! God bless you all!

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