New Kid Pics!


Kisses to everyone back home! We love you!


Little Stinker headed for the light switch.


Little Stinker Face. Come on now, doesn’t this say it all!


Silly Girl!


Thanks for the prayers and great comments! Sorry we didn’t have internet yesterday! Hope you all survived. 

Today we have lots of paperwork to get in order and get signed. There have been some hang ups, but we are moving forward.  Please please keep praying for us. This journey is not an easy one.


12 thoughts on “New Kid Pics!

  1. John & Tracie,
    I will continue to hold you guys up in prayer.for all that has to be completed…..It has been rough without you guys having internet…but I am surviving.
    Take Care

    Debbie in Japan

  2. The pictures are just so sweet! It is neat to see all of your faces so blissfully happy. Praying for your continued blessings in the process~

  3. You were missed! Praying the paperwork comes together~as I know it will because the Lord is in it! So glad to see you in this part of the journey! Boy that pic you have of Aiden on here so doesn’t begin to show his personality! He is adorable! And little Miss Emma is looking mighty happy too! It has been a real pleasure being allowed glimpses of your journey! Can’t wait to see you all home though!

  4. Praying for favor and speedy justice! He is faithful and just for those who cry out night and day and especially for those who plead the case of the orphan! Much love!!!


  5. Well, I barely survived, but I made it. You sure made up for it today! The pics are awesome, and the videos, well, what’s beyond awesome?

    While I was praying for you earlier this morning I got John 15:16–“You did not choose Me, but I chose you and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit, and that your fruit should remain, that whatever you ask the Father in My name He may give you.”

  6. We’re praying guys! We understand much of what you’re feeling and are asking the Lord for favor and for a quick completion of this whole journey! Your little ones will be home soon, beginning to understand Jesus’ awesome love for them, in an environment of night and day prayer.

  7. Praying that all will go smoothly over there for you!! These photos are too cute. You had me searching for adoptable kiddos on Reece’s Rainbow last night, much to the surprise of my husband, LOL.

  8. Oh Tracie! My heart is swelling with so much emotion right now. Just watching you guys in those videos. Words cant describe it. Its so beautiful. Your smiling faces, offering love and a family to two little ones, who have been left all alone in this world. They seem so happy and its beautiful to watch thier little hearts opening up and loving you. Ahhh. The love of God. Its a beautiful thing. What you are doing is going to change the world! Many others will catch it, and many lives will be changed. We love you!
    Kim PHillips

  9. These pictures are just wonderful! They melt my heart! You have such a beautiful family!!! I am praying for you guys!
    Love you,
    Anna Sorge

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