John Hangin’ at Our Flat


Might be album cover material. What do you think? 

Bigger hair? Spandex? We’re getting close to something like an 80’s reunion tour.


12 thoughts on “John Hangin’ at Our Flat

  1. So has John been wearing that shirt combo the ENTIRE time, or does he wash it at night or something?

    It’s in every picture so far. Maybe he runs and changes before the picture time? In Soviet Russia shirt wears you?

    PS that is a totally rockin’ futon. I vote to bring back Derek’s flock of seagulls mullet, mostly because I doubt John can find the proper chemicals to do a perm…

  2. OH MY GOODNESS. this picture has Ratt or Scorpions written all over it. A comeback tour with a vengence. HA! love it!

  3. Isn’t it interesting how the Ukrainians always have a blanket or throw over their couches and chairs. I wonder why?

    Personally, I think one of you should barter with the apartment owner for that piece of cloth and in your free time whip up a little bathrobe for one of you.

    Speaking of mullets….maybe you should get one while you’re there – they’re all the rage in Ukraine!

    Karen Shervheim
    – adopted katie and Emie from Ukraine, Aug. 2008

  4. Anna,
    Tell Joel, I’ll cut some of the fabric off and we can make him a cool cover for a drum throne!


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