New Pics from Saturday

We tried desperately to post video clips, but to no avail. So sorry! We’re still working on it.

Anyway, here are a few photos from our visit with the kids on Saturday!

Words cannot express how much your comments mean to us. We get on the computer with the same anticipation you do to see new posts, in anticipation of your comments. They helps us feel connected and remind us of the prayers that are surround us.


Pappa and Aiden doing flash cards. We have a video that is so cute and shows our boys absolute brilliant mind and we’re trying to figure out how to post video on wordpress. If you have any tips, please email us!!! 


Mama and Emma Anastasia dancing!


Look at that smile. I wish you could hear her laughter. It makes my heart so glad!


We took bananas to give the kids!


12 thoughts on “New Pics from Saturday

  1. I am so happy for you all! I look forward to each of your new posts, and smile everytime I see YOUR smiles of delight with your new children! You guys are truly amazing. You are in my thoughts always…stay safe!
    -Jamie Faust

  2. Your little Emma looks so happy, what a darling she must be. I have to remember to take bananas on my next visit to Elijah’s orphanage. They seem to be a hit! I love all of your pictures! Have fun!

  3. Hi Tracie! Glad you guys arrived safe and sound! I love seeing all the pictures and seeing your dream become a wonderful reality! I’m so glad we could be part of bring these little guys home! Nora is doing well and we are enjoying every day with her. God is good. Blessings,
    Jackie Baughman

  4. So did your heart have a crash course in love for little Emma? You were anticipating Aiden and got love sick for him but I can see you already love little Emma too! I bet there was some areobics in your hearts when she entered the room! Here you were laboring all this time not just for precious Aiden but sweet Emma too! I love that your older kids are so supportive and I am sure Elia will love them too!! XO Sarah

  5. How fun 🙂 Thanks for the recap. LOVE the photos and videos too! It looks like the visits are going well, they can eventually be kind of exhausting but you two look like you’re well equipped for the challenge 🙂

    Sounds like the train was quite an ‘adventure’ for you all as well! We had our very own train ‘adventure’ which I only retell to close friends!! Anyway, you have our prayers, let me know if you need anything!


  6. They are just so beautiful, John and Tracie. Their little faces full of such joy. I’m so proud of all you’re doing – I just feel the Lord’s pleasure over all of this. You are a living, breathing picture of God’s love for all of us “special kids”. Much love to you!

  7. What beautiful additions to your family and also our IHOP family!!! I rejoice with you both and I praise the Lord He has brought two new children into His kingdom! I pray strength and grace over you and John. I know the Lord smiles over you guys! Love you both!!!

  8. …as for videos for wordpress, the easiest way is to download them on you tube (after you sign up) and then you just post url adress in your post, it shows up as a video box on your post…

  9. I feel like I am watching one of those touching biographies on TV. I went to the closet and got out a couple of little bite size chocolates to munch on while I read the rest of the post. You guys are my heros!!

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