Emma Anastasia

The Lord gave us the name “Emma Ann” before we left for Ukraine. When the referral read her given name as “Anasatsia” a form of Ann, we received that as confirmation from God that she was the one. In addition we have felt over the past few days that we were to keep Anastasia as her middle name because of the intense meaning, “Resurrection”- you’ll notice several commenters already posted that.

Emma means- Whole and Complete

Anastasia means- Resurrection

Her name then holds the intense meaning that she will be one who will be made Whole, Completely Resurrected. Emma has what is called “Mycrocepahlia”- I’ll let you do the google search and look it up. We are believing that not only has her life been Resurrected, but that she will be Completely Resurrected- Body, Soul and Spirit! She also has a heart condition but at this point we are told it has not really affected her heart much. Obviously a complete exam is in order. Will you join us in praying for our Emma Anastasia for her complete resurrection. Already she is coming alive. Can you see it?





And just so you didn’t think we forgot about Aiden, because that is simply NOT POSSIBLE. Here’s the boy!



We love you all and are incredibly grateful for your comments and prayers. Honestly, please don’t stop with the comments, they really help and make us feel connected to you all. It means so much to us.

We are currently having lunch and will then go back and visit the kids from 4-6Pm (your time 8-10AM).


31 thoughts on “Emma Anastasia

  1. Oh Tracie & John it fits! Little Emma, how precious! And I do see she is loving her daddy already! And Mr. Aiden, he is precious beyond words!! Perfect!

  2. So I googled it and it says she was born with a head smaller than usual but her head looks normal size in the pics, I am believing with you that their prognosis is not God’s prognosis! I believe if she lites up like she is already at just the second day visit, being in your loving family she will thrive beyond their limitations! And I think having Elia & Aiden along side of her she’ll do her best to keep up! BTW, I was up again at 3-3:30ish and couldn’t go back to sleep thinking of you folks tried to go back to sleep and my 5 yr old granddaughter who usually sleeps until 9:00 am cried out for a drink, don’t know what you folks needed but I was praying!

  3. We’re so happy for you. And for them. Praying with you for full resurrection and wholeness. Six days and counting. Funny….that’s how many times I’ve packed our bags now! 🙂 But don’t worry…number 7 comes today. Ha.

    Enjoy God’s rich blessing! He has and will do amazing things in your lives.

    Psalm 40.

  4. John & Tracie,
    Those dear little ones are so precious. The pictures bring tears to my eyes.
    You can sure tell they are taking to John…their little smiles are so beautiful.
    I believe that Emma will come full cirlce..and become whole and complete. She just needs a lot of TLC..and I can see she is already getting lots of it. Wait till you get back to America.
    Little Aiden is adorable…I love his adorable little smile.
    I wish I could wrap my arms around them both..but the best I can do, is wrap them in my prayers.
    Praying for all of you.
    God Bless

    Debbie in Japan

  5. LOVE THE NAME! I just love Anastasia-very beautiful-glad you decided to keep it as her middle name. Did you notice that she and John have almost the same hair cut? She looks like she is in love with her daddy already and he the same! Hugs to all 4 of you!

  6. Wow! They are amazing! Emma looks like she is FULL of joy! And Aiden looks sweeter already! I can’t wait to meet them.
    Still praying!

  7. Overwhelming wonderful!! There were tears in our elementary chapel, yesterday, as I shared an update with teachers and students. Can’t wait to share, again, on Mon.!
    These new pics are captivating! The students have been able to relate easier as I print and “post” them, in the hall, by my classroom door.
    Lots and lots of love! Mom (Memaw)

    P.S. Emma’s name is truly God inspired! What an awesome prophetic word, simply speaking her name!!

  8. I love the pictures! They truly are smiley little ones, aren’t they?

    Also glad that being in a foreign country has not in the slightest affected the awesomeness of John’s hair.

  9. How old is Emma?

    Also they are both soooooooooo cute! and the hays family is praying,

    there was a little DS boy across the hall from me when i was in the hospital last week, and he was amazing, if you could get him to sit down and concentrate we was the smartest little thing you had ever seen. it was the sitting down and getting him to concentrate that was hard. But it reminded me of you guys, so i prayed every day for Aiden!

    cant wait to see/meet them.


  10. The tears are streaming down my face! The absolute joy and delight in their faces at being loved, embraced – delighted in…..it is amazing to see the spirit of adoption in photos! I love how faithfully God is leading you each step of the way! And….I love the name, Emma! God is so good……what an amazing journey of partnering with his heart! 🙂

  11. What a beautiful name! She sure is precious! Both of your children are, and look how HAPPY they are to be with you!:):)

  12. O gosh o gosh o gosh. I just got so emotional seeing your pictures. those are just your kids! you can see it in the pictures they are meant for you. continue to let us know what you need in prayers/finances. We are so blessed to be able to watch these miracles~!!!!


  13. What sweet pictures!!!!! PERFECT! God has handpicked these children for your family – you can just see it on everyone’s faces! How wonderful!! I was hoping you’d keep her name or part of her name – it just seemed to fit 🙂 Emma Anastasia is a beautiful name for a beautiful girl. Aiden looks as if he’s known you forever 🙂 I have no doubt that God has been preparing his little heart for the day his momma & poppa would arrive 🙂 God bless you all!
    Love & prayers,
    Tiffany, Steve, Noah, Grace, Elijah & Chloe

  14. Wow Tracie and John. Those pictures say so much. It so reminds me of the Love of the Father, and how he rescues us, and restores us, and loves on us, and makes us whole. I love the look on both of their faces. Its so beautiful! I cant wait til the next blog post! I check all the time! Its better than 24 and the Office combined! 🙂 ha!
    God bless you guys! May He POUR OUT a measure of grace unlike anything you have ever felt. May you be FILLED with His GLORY, WISDOM, and PRESENCE today!
    Kim Phillip

  15. Oh my goodness! Brian and I both cried reading this and looking at those photos! How awesome to see them bonding with daddy already! Emma Anastasia seems like the perfect name, doesn’t it? What a blessing!

  16. Ah… full and complete resurrection- sounds perfect! Of course I LOVE the name Emma 🙂

    And Aiden looks like just the little joy I imagined him as!

    Meredith RR

  17. Cheers and tears in the same post!! Love what God is doing! Hugs and kisses to you all.
    Joe and Megan

  18. We are so excited! The pics of little Emma and John are amazing! These little ones are going to have life breathed into their bones! God is so good! We can’t wait to see the changes that love will bring them! The Lord just blows my mind!
    We love you guys and are praying!

    Ne’, Derek and tribe 🙂

  19. Seeing the joy in these little faces gives me a lump in my throat and goosebumps on my arms! A picture is worth a thousand words. These pictures are telling the story of restoration – God’s restoration! It’s an honor to be invited to view these precious moments. Thank you for taking us on the journey!! May angels encamp around you – Tracie and John, Aiden & Emma and around Nick, Taylor, Isabelle and Elia.

  20. Dad, Papa says, awesome. I am very excited about the new grandchildren! They are beautiful.

    I am also very wonderfully blessed by the heartfelt comments of so many faithful friends and followers. Your comments are very uplifting and reassuring. I am blessed by your friendship to the Loux family. I hope that we can meet all of you someday.

    In Christ, Terry Mickey

  21. Praise the Lord for these precious Blessing! Aiden looks like a different child with expressions of pure JOY on his face. We are praying for you all and anxiously ait updates and more photos!!! Emma Anastasia is precious! Aren’t surprises the best!!!

  22. How absolutely beautiful both your children are. I love Emma’s name and it’s meaning…our God is so wonderful. Love the pictures of your beginnings together…honestly I am overcome…you guys really are special ….how blessed you will be with these two added to your brood.

    I continue to lift you up…soak it all in…the Kingdom of heaven is near!

    mama to 7
    one homemade and 6 adopted

  23. These are just great pictures. I am so amazed at how happy and at peace the kids look in your arms – this bonding is a quick work. Love it. – Marcie Adams

  24. Looooove the pictures! We have an Emie Anastasia! (also from Ukraine) Beautiful name!

    Thank you Jesus for the miracles you will perform in these 2 little childrens’ lives!

    Karen Shervheim

  25. Lord we speak a better word over these little ones and over Emma’s body. Your life and ressurection come in power to her and heal her. Let her be restrored and rebuilt on the inside. Let her heart be filled with your love Father and let her eyes reflect that love to John and Tracie. Praise you Lord for these two rescued ones!!!!! Let there be hundreds more.

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