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Drum Roll Please…………


Here we are all “dolled up” in our doctor duds to go see the kids. New policy D and R!!! 


Momma Pappa Aiden and our precious girl Anastasia (new name to be announced in later post)


Our precious girl! We are so blown away at the goodness of God. 


Here’s the man himself, Aiden Joseph. He’s all we ever dreamed of and so much more!


Pappa and his girl!


Momma and her little lady.


Aiden with his head in the bag trying to find MORE TOYS!

I’m typing feverishly trying to get an update in before I lose internet connection. We still don’t have internet at the apartment, so be patient if you’ve emailed. We have had little access the past few days! We talked to the kids today which is always awesome!!! WE LOVE YOU GUYS! WE’RE SO PROUD OF YOU!!

In a very small nutshell, everything is going well. A few delays, but our facilitator here in Novograd is handling everything beautifully and is working incredibly hard.  We met the kids TODAY each for about 10 minutes, it was a crazy whirlwind. Sit, stand, come here, drive there, sit, stand, sign this… repeat.  Then tonight we were able to spend 2 beautiful hours playing with them!!! I am so exhausted and have very few words that would adequately express what we are feeling. I hope the pictures speak for us!


We miss you!


34 thoughts on “Drum Roll Please…………

  1. Actually, I have been a bit of a stalker. I can’t count the number of times I checked today to see if the photos were up. They were well worth the wait! I love the one of Aiden sitting alone on the bed. What a smile! And Anastasia! What a little beauty she is!

    By the way, you and John make cute doctors!

  2. Oh wow!! So precious!! A blondie and a brunette – how perfect! They look like such little angels. How amazing that God hand-picked them to be a part of your family – He knew all along. So exciting! Blessings, sweet sleep, and favor as you continue along this journey.
    Jacquie from Canada

  3. I am sobbing when I was finally able to pull up these pics, I checked frequently! They are even more beautiful than I imagined! I am so happy for you all! God bless you all! Elia is going to have a ball with them!! God is so good! XO

  4. Oh man she is beautiful.. I remember her when we were there. Of course our Aiden is a doll, and that smile gets straight to your heart. Can’t wait to put our arms around those punkins. They have already gotten into our hearts. Give them a hug and kiss from Nana and Poppy. Praying for strength for you both.

    Loads on Love,

    Mom L.

  5. They are both gorgeous! What an emotional experience, I am sure! I think Anastasia’s name is so appropriate for her situation, “resurrection,” a new life with you guys!!

    Are she and Aiden already little buddies from their life in the orphanage? If so, how wonderful to have each other to ease their transition back to the U.S.

    Congratulations again on your new son and daughter!!!

  6. Hey what adorable kids! I canNOT, I REPEAT CAN NOT wait to hug them! Yay you guys, you’re doing so awesome! What a crazy experience.. I want details….

    And um, I am not sure what those white coats are supposed to protect the kids from? Your shoulder germs? They look like nice bathrobes though, tell John he should try and bring his home… 🙂

  7. Tracie,
    Your daughter is just beautiful!! And Aidan is so cute and I can tell, he’s going to be a little stinker:)! Oh, the fun you will have with him!!!! I’m so happy you got to spend a couple hours with them today. What a blessing!!

  8. These pictures were so amazing to look at! I cant wait to meet them both and love on them. Much love to you guys! Way to go! you both are such inspiring parents 🙂

  9. WOW….What an awesome God we serve. Your children are beautiful. I checked this site more times than I care to admit…I could not wait to see pictures of these 2 little precious ones. What an awesome inspiration you and John are to the rest of us.
    May the Lord richly bless you, as you are blessing other lives.

    God bless
    Debbie in Japan

  10. It must be surreal to know these our your kids! Esp Anistasia since you did not have nearly as long to know she was yours! Aiden does seem like he is a happy child, looks like he knows your his mamma & pappa! Anna looks like she’s not so sure but she will transform in no time! Sigh, I guess I have to wait until you get the new vehicle and can make the trek to PA to see them in person~so I’ll send hugs in the spirit!

  11. Oh guys!! They are both stunning!! And look at that gorgeous Aiden!! What a smile, when all we have really seen is his grim little orpan photo for so long! God bless you for your vision and love for him all this time!—Andrea Roberts, Reece’s Rainbow Down Syndrome Adoption Ministry

  12. Woo hoo! We are so excited for you & glad to see precious pictures of your beautiful children! What a blessing – a double blessing! Praise God!

  13. OH MY HEAVENLY STARS!! YOU TWO IN THOSE OUTFITS!! that Aiden steals your heart from the get go AND your new girl-what preciousness.

    I have been painting my computer area feverishly for over a week and didn’t have my computer on all day as I was painting around it-I told Nick, I”m tire BUT I HAVE TO CHECK OUT THE LOUX’S NEW GIRL and boy-wouldn’t have been able to sleep otherwise 🙂 HUGS AND PRAYERS!

  14. wow…

    did you know that “Anastasia” comes from Greek “anastasios”, which means “resurrection” (“ana” is “up”, “stasis” is “standing”), or “she who shall rise up again”?

    …can’t wait to see them…

  15. Justin and I have arrrived home safely to PA. We are so glad to be part of this adventure with you guys. I was blessed to be able to be with the kids for the first week. I felt so connected. It is bitter sweet being home, not being able to talk and see you as much. I guess will have to join the rest of the stalkers on your blog, not that I ever stopped, but that is all I got now. Love you guys, and I will say it again your kids are amazing. It is through the grace of God and the Spirit of Adoption that they have in their hearts, they remain strong on your absence.

    Aunt Tara

  16. Hi Tracie and John,

    I just wanted to give you a little up date on the how the kids are doing after today. First of all I totally love your children and look forward to meeting the two newer members of your family. We had a really good day. Elia is I think finally warming up to me. She has not been so happy about my presence here today but the kids have been wonderful and I support from a distance to give her space but now she is watching as I type this with her hand on my shoulder so I think we are finally friends. 🙂 Isabelle, Taylor and I played a 4 hour game of Monopoly and lets just say that after the game I was not the winner. Oh well it is all about building into their lives right? (at least that is what I am telling my ego.) Nick has been amazing with helping with everyone. He is a true blessing and I am so excited to be able to get to know him a little bit better. I am going to be posting a few pictures on Facebook so that you can have a a visual of our adventures. Talk to you….blessings…Becca

  17. They are SO SO SO precious!!!!!!!!

    I am so happy for you and for them!!

    Praising God with you!

    Courtney (storing uptreasures)

  18. OMG, These kids are incredible~ They are beautiful and looks like they were waiting for their mom and dad. I think that they know who you are!!! It is amazing and I love you guys!

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