SDA Appointment

Make sure you scroll down. This is my 3rd post for today! 

We just returned from our appointment at SDA. We were whisked through town once again by Andre our driver who took us to meet our facilitator who was already at SDA with another family for their appointment.  Our appointment lasted less than one hour I would guess. Our facilitator had been in contact with the director of the orphanage in Novograd where Aiden is and found that there were only 4 children that they would be able to present to us in addition to Aiden. 

We arrived at SDA and were quickly taken into the office where we were asked how we had heard about Aiden (whose Ukrainian name is Artem by the way!). We were then asked why we wanted to adopt children with special needs.  We were then presented with Aiden’s profile and the profiles of two of the other four children, and we went over them in detail with our facilitator. The profiles basically state the date of birth of the child, the medical diagnosis, the parents names and birth dates and the reason for parental termination. I took notes. The women in the office continued to dig through their huge binders looking for the two other children available (both girls).  

They then found them and presented them to us. We had asked the Lord to make our decision clear and obvious to us. He did. 2 of the 4 children were boys, and though we had told the Lord we would do whatever He asked of us, we had asked Him for a girl if possible.  We found out after receiving one of the boys profiles that we couldn’t adopt him anyway because he had a sibling and they don’t separate siblings.

Then we were shown the 2 girls, and again quickly found out that we could not adopt one of them without adopting her sibling. (We were only approved for 2 children total so that out ruled her quickly).

And that leaves us with our BIG ANNOUNCEMENT:

We have requested a referral for a beautiful little girl name Anastasia (her Ukrainian name) She has cardiomyopathy and another diagnosis that we will have to research. She will be 3 on July 9th. Another July birthday for the family!!! 

We hope to have photos of her by Friday or Saturday to post and will announce her name at that time!
Thank you all for praying.  


The SDA building is to the right of the big church.


John at SDA (the gate was locked and guarded, we entered through the wooden door in the background.


Me at SDA


One of the side streets near the SDA building.


Lots of local vendors selling handmade crafts to tourists. Yes, kiddos, we got you some presents!


11 thoughts on “SDA Appointment

  1. How wonderful! You guys look great and I’m so excited for you! If you need anything just holler- we’ve been down the heart-road x2 now and have learned quite a bit about it in the last 3 years.

    Blessings, can’t wait to ‘meet’ your new little ones!!

  2. Thanks Meredith! You’ve been an incredible blessing to us! We will email if we need anything. We take the train to Novograd tomorrow evening after we go back to SDA to pick up our referrals.

  3. Hey you two! Wow, these pics are all quite familiar! So glad that you got some rest and that you’re headed to Novograd to meet your two little angels! We are all waiting with excitement to hear about your first visit with them. I was wiping tears away the entire time we first met ours. I would have sobbed the whole time but didn’t want to scare our little guys with streaming black mascara (ha)! Two more angles are about to be saved! Jesus is so good and we are so happy that you all made it there safely! We love you and are praying!


    Ne’, Derek and tribe of 9!

  4. How exciting! Aiden and Anastasia (doesn’t Anastasia mean ‘resurrection’ in Greek?) !! Can’t wait to see pics!!

  5. It’s wonderful to see an update. Praise God for making your choice for #2 so clear! Can’t wait to see these kiddos!

  6. I am so HAPPY for you! I can’t wait to hear all about your little girl and of course to see pics of both of your two little new ones!:):)

    Praise the Lord!!!! I was up 1:00 am our time for about an hour, I couldn’t shake thinking about your decision and so I started praying, nothing fancy but it took quite awhile before I was able to fall back asleep. I am praising God for answered prayer that showed you clearly that Anastasia is your child! Halleulah!! Please post pics asap so we can see this little love in your arms! And Aiden too! I can’t wait to see him & her and little LeLe! And of course the big kids too! I am so happy for you folks!!

  8. oh…that brings memories of our times in Russia and trips to Ukraine….wow…
    make sure to bargain at the local outdoor markets… 🙂


  9. How absolutely marvelous!! So happy that God is guiding your every step…2 kids, that is wonderful.

    Your pictures are beautiful. Praying for all of the details.

    bless your time on this journey of adoption that He has you on…what a wonderful calling!

    I am so happy for you and your family!

    mama to 7
    one homemade and 6 adopted

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