An Update

The Eldest Here! Tracie and John landed in Kiev very very late Sunday night after a long sleepless flight, found their apartment, took a two hour nap, had dinner with their facilitator, slept 14 hours, and bought groceries… OK that didn’t happen all in one day. I’m pretty sure the events occurred over the last two and a half days or three or… “Uhhh Brain Hurt..” The whole time change thing is kind of hard to follow. Any way, tomorrow John and Tracie will have a meeting with some people about Aden and whoever our little number two is, and Thursday they take a train to Navagrad (just spelling it how it sounds). And for your own amusement picture John R. Loux on a train in a strange country were no one speaks English.

8 thoughts on “An Update

  1. Thanks for keeping us updated!! I love the way you write.
    It’s just like listening to you in person!!

    Love you lots!! Memaw

  2. I love how you write too! I am very excited, I can’t imagine how you all are doing! How’s LeLe doing?

  3. I love the play by play Nick style. This is so exciting, are you just jolted with excitment all the time?

  4. We love you guys and we are praying! Thanks Nicko for giving us an update!
    Love you!
    Auntie Ne’ Ne’

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