A Message From Home Base

Well ladies and gentlemen the John and Tracie have left the building. (Oh, this the eldest of the offspring Nicholas Dean Loux.) Today is the first day of a great adventure in the “B” wing of the Loux family and though we’re all sad to see our parental figures go off to some strange land over the big lake, we’re all thinking about two little people who lives are going to change forever. This whole thing just blows my mind. God is so good to us. I’ve learned  so much from this whirlwind and I’m excited to be tossed around a some more. 

“Love you Mommy and Daddy. Get those kidos.”


4 thoughts on “A Message From Home Base

  1. Hey Nick thanks for keeping us posted! Us your PA family are thrilled to watch and pray & can’t wait to see & hear your folks are safe and meet via this format #6!

  2. Can’t wait to see my new nephew and niece!!! Love you guys!
    Praying hard!!! Let us know how SDA went Trac! The waiting is driving us crazy
    Ne’, Derek and tribe

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