Leaving in 24 hours

John and I want to thank you all for praying and supporting us through this journey. In some ways it feels like it’s just beginning. Kind of like when you’ve been pregnant for 9 months, your water breaks, and you get the sense “Oh, my gosh, I’m really having a baby!”

Well, we’re REALLY doing this. We’re really getting on a plane tomorrow flying 1/2 way across the country, foreigners in a foreign land, to rescue two precious ones whose lives are about to be redeemed. Through all of my exhaustion, emotional ups and downs, aching back, and tired muscles, it’s time to breathe deep and push hard.

Please pray for the following specific things:

1. That our children will be surrounded by peace and protection, and that the Lord will give them supernatural grace to withstand the separation.

2. Pray especially for Elia who is too young to understand what lies ahead that her heart will be at peace and that she will rest sure of our love for her.

3. Pray for John and I as we travel and adjust to the time change. For strength and health.

4. Pray for favor with the courts and governmental offices in Ukraine.

5. Pray for “Little Loux #6” – that God would identify this precious one to us in the same way He did with our precious Aiden.

Here’s a run down of the next few days:

1. We fly out Sunday at 11:45AM

2. We arrive in Kiev, Ukraine around 1:30PM on Monday

3. We get settled into our flat in Kiev and meet with our facilitator.

4. Tuesday we sleep off jet lag and check out Kiev.

5. Wednesday we have our SDA appointment (dept. of adoption) where we are shown Aiden’s paperwork as well as the paperwork of several other children from which we will choose “Little Loux #6”. This is called a “blind referral”.

6. Thursday we take a train to Novograd (where there orphanage is)

7. Depending on when we arrive in Novograd, we will be introduced to our children on Thurs. or Friday.

8. We spend the next 2 1/2 weeks visiting our children during visiting hours (10-11AM and 4-6PM).

9. We go to court when that 2 1/2 weeks is up.

10. Then begins the 10 day waiting period. We travel to Kiev, John gets a plane home, and I return to Novograd to continue visiting the children daily while we WAIT.

11. 10 day wait is OVER. John flies back to Ukraine. We then proceed to get paperwork processed for our children to leave the country. Birth certificates, Passports, etc. We discharge our children from the orphanage and have a farewell party. We take the train back to Kiev with our children and take them to get Medical Exams and get their visas.



9 thoughts on “Leaving in 24 hours

  1. I’m so glad you posted this! It’s nice to know when these things are happening so we can pray appropriately. We’ll especiallly be praying you get to see the kids Thursday rather than Friday!

    I’m so excited you’d think I was the one having the baby!

  2. Thanks for the ‘timetable’! đŸ™‚ We will definitely be continuing in prayer for you while you’re gone. Will you be able to post updates along the way possibly? Oh, I am so excited to find out #6, too! I can only imagine how God’s heart must be racing with excitement, too, knowing that in just a few short days, He’ll be bringing you face-to-face with the two children he’s chosen for you!!!♥

  3. The Urbans, who adopted a year ago with Reese’s Rainbow…I gave you their blog some time ago, did not have to wait the 10 days…..the court let them take Ava due to medical reasons. Does not hurt to ask. It obviously shortened their absence from their other 4 kids. It has been a year since that adoption and God has blessed Ava and that family immesurably. I pray the same for you. Lurking in STL….Lisa

  4. Tracie,
    I am so excited for you and of course will be praying for you! I pray that you will have safe travels, and that you will have a wonderful time meeting your son and Loux #6.:):) I can’t wait to see who God has chosen for you. I also pray for a smooth process and a waived 10 day wait. They say these children are blessed when we come to adopt them, but not nearly as blessed as we are to become their parents! Coming from a parent who has raised a son with Ds for over 22 years: Your life will never be the same, it will become even better!

  5. TRACIE-
    We here at the House of Prayer in Cincinnati will pray fervently for you guys!

    AHHHHHHHH! I am so excited for you.


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